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NCL ok or not

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by specialme, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. specialme

    specialme Guest

    I was thinking about booking a cruise with NCL (http://www.norwegian-cruise-lines.net). Ive heard good things, but also a lot of horror stories about cruises mishaps and overchargin. What experiences have people have with NCL? Would you recommend NCL or should I try another line?
  2. nmnita

    nmnita Guest

    I think you posted the question on another board as well. It is good to try and get as many ideas as you can from various boards. I will ask you where you heard NCL over charges? I think I also asked you the same on the other board. Yes, I am a true NCL loyalist, but also a veteran cruiser and know pretty much what lines charge for what. Every line has fees others don't. You may pay more for Bingo on NCL and less for the specialty restuarants. Some lines charge for capachino, NCL doesn't and some charge to get cash from the casino if you put it on your ship account. NCL has higher drink prices than Princess, but less than Celebrity.

    Hope this helps you some,

  3. Rik Brown

    Rik Brown Guest

    [quote specialme]I was thinking about booking a cruise with NCL (www. norwegian - cruise - lines . net). Ive heard good things, but also a lot of horror stories about cruises mishaps and overchargin. What experiences have people have with NCL? Would you recommend NCL or should I try another line?[/quote]

    The above site appears to be a bogus website. I really don't believe its operated by NCL for several reasons:

    1) Its not listed as one of NCL's international sites at www.ncl.com.
    2) .net domains are for networks, ISPs, etc. - not general companies.
    3) The site has mostly Google ads - many about competing cruise lines.
    4) Very little in the way of contact information (no physical addresses).
    5) No SEC investors info page (I believe that is required by law).

    I would contact NCL at their known website: http://www.ncl.com.

    I'll contact our NCL rep about this as well.

    Regards. -- Rik

    ps: I edited the URL above by adding spaces.
  4. nmnita

    nmnita Guest


    The op has posted on another website as well: most of us think he is, perhaps a troll or just someone with time on his hands to stir up some trouble. He hasn't answered anyone back at this time.

  5. Rik Brown

    Rik Brown Guest

    Good to know. I just hope people out on the web don't get sucked into their "pirate" site. At first glance (especially if you've never seen NCL's real sites) it appears to be NCL.

    Regards. -- Rik
  6. nmnita

    nmnita Guest

    These are the things that cause serious problems period. I guess there is nothing that can be done except to warn others to take all comments with a grain of salt. He has totally disappeared. NMNita
  7. Most importantly,

    why would the (NCL site) shows a photo of a Cunard line ship in the top left corner ? Don't they have nicer ship pictures with beautiful hull artwork !!!!
  8. nmnita

    nmnita Guest

    that is interesting.

  9. K4Near

    K4Near Guest

    My family and I just completed our 1st ever cruise on NCL's Sun from Seattle to Alaska. Although a nice ship and a nice time BEWARE I inadvertently left a canvas bag and in it all my families memorable and expensive purchases behind in our room when we disembarked. The "lost and found" returned only 1 thing from the bag (a picture), the rest was stolen in their "lost and found" protocol....my "lost" was their "found" . The customer service after the cruise was HORRIBLE and they offered no explaination or apology as to my stolen items. I could get no answers why my bag and the contents couldn't be returned to me in whole. I will never cruise NCL again and will tell my story over and over hoping that It will deter anyone from experiencing the DISGUST I've experienced with NCL. I've got no answers and no recourse - They suck!
  10. I cqn totally understand your frustration and disappointment. If you left the bag in your cabin it may have been picked up by the next guest. to hold NCL responsible is a little presumptuious (spelling) on your part. We had 2 situations similar to yours happen on the same cruise: 1-we left some items on the bus that NCL provided for transfers from the airport to the ship. Did any of it get returned? No, we did not hold NCL responsible. First of all, we left them behind, second, we have no idea who picked them up. The second situation occured on the same sailing. My daughter left one of her pieces of baggage just outside the NCL turninal (spelling again) much to our suprise it was returned and sent to her. I guess I just don't understand what you expected NCL to do. They returned what was left and your bag. We were located from Dallas to NM exactly 5 years ago today. The moving company managed to somehow get our entire household of belongings stolen. 43 years of marriage, all lost. What did they do? They paid us the minimum they could for our losses. Did they even say "I sorry" I really don't know, but it happened. Would we move with the same company again? Maybe. Stuff happens. NMnita
  11. Food for thought:
    If it was stolen from the next passenger in that room then maybe we need to really examine the quality of housekeeping on NCL.! They missed a whole bag in the room...common..?!?
    A simple sorry goes a long way and for them to not even do that reflects the customer service department.
    Funny how after they made their money from you they could careless.
    Carnival is like that too. Had a problem and they just about hung up on me. "She said mammm,..what do you want me to do about it, your cruise is over and we can't find your bag. I don't know what to tell you."
    At least with express disembark you can keep your bags with you....
  12. watergirl

    watergirl Guest

    We just returned from the NCL Sun. Our previous cruises have been with Celebrity. We went knowing that this would be a different experience than Celebrity and had a wonderful time. Our waiters and room steward were great. I would not hestitate to sail with NCL again. I feel for the price we paid we more than got our money's worth.
  13. yes,..this is true. You get what you pay for. You got a cheap cruise...
    Yet Carnival was cheap and the the food was great.
    Yes, NCL is fine for people who have kids and have meatloaf for dinner once a week.
  14. whopper65

    whopper65 Guest

    We just cruised on NCL Dawn (FEB/07) Read my review:
    Embarked port of NY 2/8/07. Beautiful and clean ship.

    We went cruisin' for our 39th anniversary. We picked NCL and Dawn based on the freestyle dining concept and general reviews. Booked through AAA. Third cruise, first with NCL. Previous Carnival & RCCL.

    We drove to Morristown, NJ from Hershey, PA, caught the NJ transit, and took a cab to the pier from Penn station. Arrived at approx. 12:15 p.m.

    Embarkation procedures incredibly smooth and fast. We were on board in about 15 minutes. Concierge was near the reception desk on deck 7, so we were the first ones to book reservations at the specialty restaurants. We booked Cagney's, le Bistro, Salsa, and la Trattoria. Couldn't have been easier.

    Our room wasn't ready (9th deck, inside - wife gets motion sickness easily - wore the patch), so we headed to the Venetian main restaurant. Very good lunch with excellent and friendly service. Cabins were ready at 2:30 p.m., and we were pleasantly surprised with the layout of the cabin and the relatively roomy bathroom that had a shower with a glass door. Plenty room for storage and utilized the safe. Brought extra hangars, and only needed a few.

    Entertainment - excellent shows and performers. roomy and elegant stardust theatre (3 levels). Frediani & Second City stood out. Bollywood was unique and very well done.

    Dining - very good to poor. Service was spotty, excellent one time and poor the next. Food was fair to good at main restaurants, with minuscule appetizer portions. Desserts poor to fair. Not fresh. Entrees disappointing both in portion size and quality of selection. Seemed that fancy names disguised common dishes. Specialty restaurants ranged from poor to excellent - Cagney's was excellent, le Bistro very good, Salsa fair, la Trattoria poor. Service was excellent at Cagney's, very good at le Bistro, fair at Salsa, and poor at la Trattoria. Enjoyed the Garden Cafe at various times for breakfast, lunch and late snacks. Good variety and never any long lines. However, desserts poor to fair. Blue Lagoon (24 hr joint) was decent. Wings and fish & chips were very good, but portions were small, so had to order doubles or triples. Service was usually very good. One note about specialty restaurants – never crowded, usually always had empty tables while we were there, and whenever we passed and looked in. Bamboo restaurant was virtually empty every night.

    Room stewards – excellent, friendly and efficient. Always had fresh ice. Special requests were met with a smile and were done ASAP.

    Reception desk/credit desk – friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. Overall, staff on ship were cordial, except officers, who usually did not acknowledge our presence.

    We booked a basic excursion on each island (except San Juan) through NCL. It included sightseeing, beach time, and shopping. We learned later that we could have done the same and cheaper if we had booked with the native drivers. On San Juan we checked with a local bank before booking with one of the natives. Not only did we have a great time and see much more, but it was three times cheaper than NCL’s price. Note that we docked on schedule at each stop so that we had plenty of time everywhere.

    Overall we enjoyed the cruise, as the good things outweighed the bad. Will we go with NCL again? Maybe, but we want to try Holland America and Princess before we do so. We really missed the friendly, get to know you service at the restaurants, but we did appreciate the ability to dine whenever we wanted to. Again, we didn’t run into any lines but we ate early (6:00 p.m.) or late (8:30 or 9:00 p.m.) depending on the day’s activities.
  15. Meatloaf? what NCl ship and when did you get meatloaf and what is wrong with meatloaf anyway? We cruised HAL a few months ago, had a wonderful cruise with delightful food, the best in over 20 cruises, guess what? They actually had meatloaf as a choice one night. Food is very subjective, you think CArnival has good food, I do too but I don't like the food on RCI. NCL offers many choices which we prefer. ESpecially on a longer cruise, it is nice to have several choices as to where you can go to eat.

    you refer to cheap and getting what you pay for? I have seen NCL prices, as well as Carnival and RCI much higher on occassion than HAL or Celebrity. It depends on the cruise, as well as port charges, itienary and class of ship. You are correct, normally NCL, Carnival and RCI will be a few $$ less than Celebrity and HAL. Princess can go either way. You obviously don't like NCL or had a bad experience. We all can relate to that in our cruising or vacation life, but to say NCL or any line is for people with kids who eat meatloaf just isn't terribly accurate. Nita
  16. cruisebuddy

    cruisebuddy Guest

    My only beef with NCL is the optional formal nights. If you don't like formal nights, then NCL is for you. That is why NCL is not for us.
  17. cruzingram

    cruzingram Guest

    Love being able to choose whether or not to do formal night. Also enjoy eatting when and with who we want to. Can't imagine being told who and when I had to eat every night.
  18. cruisebuddy

    cruisebuddy Guest

    Can't imagine cruising without formal night. Sorry, but it's part of the whole cruise experience.
  19. Joe,

    Many people feel as you do about formal nights, but the good news is, as you already know, you can choose to dress formally if you want. I am taking a group from our church on the Star Sept 29th. Most have not cruised for many years if at all and with rare execption they are in their 70s and 80s. No matter what I say, they play on dressing for dinner every night or most nights. I don't mean in formals and tux, but certainly dresses and men in jackets. i think that is great, I also think going resort casual is great. Our country and world has become so much more casual, good or bad, the cruise lines have followed. NIta
  20. cruisebuddy

    cruisebuddy Guest

    Wish I was going with you on that cruise! I, too, dress up every night, and I especially like breaking out my tux for formal night. Last fall, we were on the Jewel and I was one of only a few men in a tux. I felt like an outcast and HATED that.

    We'll be on the Star in November, so don't eat all the food!!!

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