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NCL Sky 2 questions

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by lem, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. lem

    lem Guest

    Anyone who has traveled on NCL Sky will you answer these two questions.
    Are there hair dryers in the bathrooms?
    Did the men wear sports jackets in the Le Bistro dining room?
  2. WE were on the Sky last month. Some of the men wore jackets in the Le Bistro, DH just wore a really nice long sleeve sport shirt. As for dryers, they are in the drawer in the desk (hard to find, I know) if you have short hair and it drys fast you should be ok. I was, but for thick hair or very long hair you may want to bring your own as the ones furnished are not very strong. Hope this helps. The ship in lovely and the crew very friendly. Do be prepared for rather small cabins, but they are decorated very nicely and every inch of space has been utilated. We were just fine after a few hours.
  3. esd

    esd Guest

    We will be on the Sky in September..to Alaska. We have a BA cabin in the back, or should I say aft! Has anyone been in one of these cabins? Is it quiet? Is it rough? My TA was told the aft balconies are larger..true?
    My husband plans to bring a jacket just in case so I guess I'll pack one dress since we'd like to try the alternative restaurants. Do you book those the same day or a day or two before? Are they pretty much booked every night?
    Any insights or advice regarding this ship would be appreciated!
  4. Hi There,
    We were on the Sky in 2001 and the only advice I have is to book your shore excursions and dinner reservations right away. Although we didn't go on the Alaska itinerary, some shore excursions sold out. The earlier the better to avoid disappointment. It is a really nice ship.
  5. nimiq

    nimiq Guest

    We where on the Sky on nov 2000 it was about it 10th voyage and we really appreciated the crew and the ship.

    As for hair dryers because we dont use any I cant recall if we had any ....but like everyone says be pre-paired the rooms are small but nice.

    For Alternate restaurant u should always book in advance or as soon as u come on board because they fill up quickly.

    have fun its a beautiful ship ...hope to sail on her again

    sea ya


    P.s U can go check out the reviews on this ship i have also posted one

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