NCL Smoking Policy needs updation like their competition has!

I was reading Princes, Holland & Carnival are banning smoking in staterooms, balconies & large sections of Casinos starting Jan 15. When will NCL follow suite & make the same ruling. All 3 lines say that 95% of the passengers do not smoke so why do the 5% make the majority suffer. There is nothing worse than sitting on the balcony for some quiet & fresh air & the people on both sides start smoking & the stink ruins the moment. If NCL does not look into implementing this ruling I might have to switch cruise lines & go for the ones that do...Its too bad as I have gone on 10 NCL cruises but now there is something on those other 3 lines worth switching for. Does anyone else agree??? NCL...whats your answer to this????


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This is discussed constantly and there probably is no right answer. I am sure th 95% isn't honest, but of course the majority are none smokers. (I would guess more like 70 or 80%) NCL does a great job of deodorizing cabins after each cruise but I do understand how some feel. The problem is, there has to be some lines or a line that is more smoker friendly. As long as smoking is legal, it is hard to ban it altogether or almost altogether. I am not a smoker I will add, this doesn't mean I am not understanding of both sides.
I believe you are most likely right in that in the western world now smokers are about 30% of the population and less so all cruise lines should look at the situation this way. While I feel they have the right to smoke on their balconies I don't agree with with smoking in cabins or anywhere internally in a ship. Now I realise that this policy would affect casino trade and this is a problem area for the cruise companies but there will be a time soon when non smoking gamblers out number the smokers. On our last cruise we spent an hour or two in the casino one night and came out with a headache, from the smoke we believe, and clothes that that really stank, we elected not to go back. On the upper deck I think there should be designated areas and even bars for smokers, I don't see a problem with that, but not internally on the ship.


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All top hotels have adopted non smoking policies and are very strict about it. I am glad to see some of the cruise lines starting to move towards this policy. My frustration with NCL is that they don't even enforce the few smoking rules that they have. After 5 cruises on NCL I am now looking seriously at one of the lines that have banned smoking in staterooms and balconies as I am sick of paying for a balcony and not being able to enjoy it.


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Tuesday, 09 August 2011

Norwegian Cruise Line today announced adjustments to its smoking policy for each of the line’s 11 Freestyle Cruising ships in response to changing guest preferences. Effective January 2012, guests setting sail on a Norwegian cruise vacation are no longer permitted to smoke cigarettes in their staterooms. Guests who are in a balcony stateroom will be permitted to smoke on the outside balcony; however, cigar and pipe smoking in staterooms and on balconies is prohibited. Ashtrays will be available for use upon request through housekeeping staff.

In an effort to diminish the presence of smoke indoors, cigarette smoking is only permitted in the casino, where ashtrays and appropriate signage will be displayed. Smoking is prohibited in all other public interior venues including all bars, restaurants, conference rooms, corridors, restrooms, staircases and landings. Guests may utilize the enclosed cigar bars on board Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Pearl, Norwegian Dawn and Norwegian Spirit for cigarette, cigar and pipe smoking.

In addition, the policy allows guests to smoke cigarettes, cigars and pipes in outdoor public guest spaces and open decks, where designated by the appropriate signage. Smoking is not permitted near outdoor venues which serve food, in open spaces such as the jogging track, sport complex, children’s pool and in The Haven outdoor areas.


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I think NCL is inplementing a very fair program. The cabins will be free of smoke, most of the public areas will be as well, so non smokers do not have to smell second hand smoke except the casinos and the smokers will still have a place to light up. We all have to work together on smoking policies.