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NCL Spirit

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by DaveNJ, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. DaveNJ

    DaveNJ Guest

    Is anyone else going on the Spirit this April 19th - 27th 2008. Our itinerary got changed due to "one of the four engines being down"....? Does this sound safe? Also why can't they fix this engine problem by April? Customer service did not have any answers other than to say it has no safety concerns with the engine problem. This is only our second cruise, so any thoughts are welcome about this and NCL.
  2. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    The Spirit has four diesel generator sets capable of delivering 14,700kW of electrical power for a total of 58,800 kW.
    It's two propulsion motors consume 20,000 kW each for a total of 40,000 kW at maximum speed of 25.5 knots.

    With one diesel generator set down for maintenance, there's only 44,100 kW of electrical power for both the propulsion motors and electrical hotel loads on the ship. Assuming the hotel electrical load is 10,000 kW (or more), the propulsion motors can't push the ship at maximum speed anymore, because there's only 34,000 kW of electrical power left. That's why there is a speed reduction.

    It's not unsafe to operate a ship at reduced speed.
  3. lildee1198

    lildee1198 Guest

    We're sailing May 11th, and had the same email sent to us - our itinerary was changed due to an engine not working. I don't mind - just as long as it's safe.
  4. agev03

    agev03 Guest

    I'll be on the April 19 cruise! I'm actually happy about the change! I can't wait to go to PR
  5. joe dandy

    joe dandy Guest

    I was wondering if the stabilizers are retractable on the Spirit to cut down on resistance to gain speed but will result in a more unstable ride.
  6. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    Yes, the stabilizers are retractable.
    But at most this might increase the speed of the Spirit a knot or two.
  7. Im going on the same cruise. I was never even notified, they didnt have my address in the computer. What I dont get is how can they make it to Tortola, but not St. Thomas. I hear that they are very close. So close that you can see one island from the other. Hey does anyone know if there are any single people going on this cruise.?????

    DREW MONDA Guest

    anyone from Massachusetts / rhode island or further north going on the spirit during the week of MAY 11th and interested in Carpooling to the cruise. It is myself and my friend going. Message me or call me - Andrew - 401-413-3803
  9. jb4393

    jb4393 Guest

    Going on the Spirit again on Jan 25 09 went on her Jan 13 08 Great Ship
  10. tc1

    tc1 Guest

    Considering Spirit for 12/13/2009 cruise. Have been on the Dawn this last January and enjoyed it. Would like to hear about your experience on most recent cruise.

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