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NCL Spirit

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by joang, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. joang

    joang Guest

    Just want to let everyone know that we just got back from the Alaskan Cruise on NCL Spirit. Neither my husband or myself had ever been on a cruise before and were quite skeptical about this. WE HAD A MARVELOUS TIME AND THE NCL SPIRIT AND THEIR CREW WERE OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!
    My only complaint, the beds were very hard, but the steward was quick to bring a thick foam pad to out on top of the mattress. We will definiately go again sometime. Once again, I cannot say enough good about the service we received on this ship. A+++++++++++++++
  2. Brunolvr

    Brunolvr Guest

    Glad to hear you had a great time and enjoyed the Spirit. Hope you didn't use up all the beautiful weather! We leave this Saturday on the Spirit and are really getting excited. How was embarkation? What time did you get to Seattle's Pier 66? We don't want to be too early, but we also don't want to be late! Did you enjoy the entertainment? Is the buffet still as bad as previous cruisers have indicated? Thanks a lot for your review and insights!
  3. kadao

    kadao Guest

    joang - was there a charge for the foam pad for your mattress?
  4. joang

    joang Guest

    No, there was no charge for the foam pad.
  5. cm24

    cm24 Guest

    Anyone else recently take the spirit?
    If so ---- any inside tips for us? (Our cruise is in Sept!)

    We're REALLY looking forward to it - but are thinking maybe we could put together our own "excursions".

    Does anyone have any ideas of how to do this, please?

  6. mattmdv

    mattmdv Guest

    cm24, Leaving on the Spirit on 31 Jul, counting down the days. Brunolvr is on the Spirit right now, departed Saturday, 3 JUL. Waiting to hear what his review of the cruise will be. From everything that I have read so far, should be a great cruise.

  7. cm24

    cm24 Guest

    I am SOOOOOO looking forward to it!
    This will be my third cruise (first Hawaii, then Canada) but my first on NCL, and my first time to alaska (although we live in Washington state, which is so close).

    We don't know about the shore excursions as yet, so that's why we were thinking perhaps we could just put together our own. The weather for your cruise should be great on the 31st!!! I'm excited for you!

    Cruises are so nice because they are so much more relaxing (at least for me) than other types of vacations.

    please remember to drop us a note when you get back and let us know what we'll need to know to make ours a success as well.

  8. Travelnut

    Travelnut Guest

    Would like to find out about the staterooms,,,especially the balconys. Does anyone have any photos? We are thinking about booking this ship next Jan, for a southern carribbean cruise.
  9. mattmdv

    mattmdv Guest

    cm24, I found a website for the Ketchican Chamber of Commerence (Attached, I hope)
    I'm looking for a fishing charter, and found several places where I can book it without using the ship. I'm sure Skagway and Juneua have sites like Ketchican.
    Counting down the days.
  10. cm24

    cm24 Guest


    sorry - but i don't see the attachment can you copy/paste a link in your next post of the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce) that would be great to have...

    i was reading some other reviews (on another site) and someone was saying that one could put together their own excursion (and probably for less) on shore.

  11. mattmdv

    mattmdv Guest

  12. cm24

    cm24 Guest

    thanks for the link!
    you'll LOVE seattle - since coming here from L.A we do!
  13. Brunolvr

    Brunolvr Guest

  14. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    Here is a clickable link for the site listed in the post above :wave


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  15. ej

    ej Guest

    We are sailing on Oct. 1st from San Francisco thru the Panama Canal...........we are really excited!! This is our first cruise with NCL.

    We are booked in cabin category BA (with balcony). Does this category of cabin have a DVD player??

    Any info on the ship would be appreciated!!


  16. cm24

    cm24 Guest

    Anyone recently come back from the Spirit? If so, please drop us a line.
    My group will be on one of the last sailings (coming up in a month) and are wondering how everything has been going for the rest of you on your Alaskan Trips this summer....

  17. ufgator

    ufgator Guest

    Just returned from Alaska on NCL Spirit. Was a great cruise with one exception (art auction). The ship is beautiful and everyone extremely friendly. Had a balcony cabin which was great although as a previous post suggests the mattresses are very firm. Wish we had seen this forum prior to know to order the mattress addition. Food was very good in the Main restaurants (Windows and Garden Room). We ate one dinner in the French specialty restaurant (add'l cost 15pp) and food was excellent. Don't miss the chocoholic buffet! Long lines, but worth it! Entertainment was very good although we skipped the plays/musicals and opted for the other evening entertainment (comedians, bands, specialty shows and dancing in the Galaxy of the Stars). Buyer Beware: if you want art, get the final price in writing before you leave the room. For us, the price agreed to was not the FINAL price--and we found the dealer to be extremely rude when we asked about the additional costs on our bill. NCL acted like they only "hosted" the event when we complained to them. We did request that NCL oversee/guide this better and our request to NCL was that every passenger receive a copy of the bill before they leave the art auction room. Hopefully this will prevent anyone else from going through this frustration.
    Spas: if you want any treatments order early for "at sea" days as they get fully booked quickly.
    Weather: pack a light to medium raincoat and expect drizzling rain. We had beautiful sunny skies half the trip and cool drizzling rain the other half. Scenery: awesome, beautiful, pack plenty of film for Sawyer Glacier. Internet: available on the ship at .50 per minute (with a $5.00 initial sign-on fee) so type fast. My cell phone worked 50% of the trip (Verizon) so it was great to have internet. Excursions: We did our own thing just wandering around in Ketchikan; In Juneau: Mendenhall Glacier (excellent), salmon hatchery (fascinating)and city tour (good). In Skagway, the railroad (beautiful mountain scenery), In Prince Rupert- we booked our own flightplane excursion and had a great time. Also, don't forget to enjoy Seattle---there is plenty to do there.
    ENJOY--ENJOY!! Feel free to ask me any questions.
  18. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    I tcruised on the Norwegian Spirit on July 23rd, and the ship is wonderful.... I am not sure about the others, but my balcony room on the ninth floor did not have a DVD player.... As the ship was once the Super Star Leo, cruising in Asia, all of the appliances on the Spirit are 220 volts.... There was a 110 volt plug in the bathroom for a shaver, and another by the desk which I used to recharge my camera's battery.... There was a hair dryer furnished..... While others have found the beds hard, I enjoyed the stiff firm beds.....

    The Norwegian Spirit, formally the Super Star Leo, is five years old, and its been cruising in Asia up until this summer. I enjoyed the Asian/British empire decor, something you won't find on other cruise ships in America. I spent a lot of time in the Galaxy of the Stars seeing the wonderful scenery of the Inside Passage to Alaska.
  19. dumbo

    dumbo Guest

    How do you know which night and where the chocolate buffett will be? No they have a daily paper or something to let you know what is happening each day? Thanks for any help -- I sure don't want to miss the chocolate ummmmmm

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