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NCL SUN Penthouse questions

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by chitwood, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. chitwood

    chitwood Guest

    Have never been able to afford the Penthouse before - does anyone know what is free with it - or what costs extra. What perks?

    Our adult kids are coming with (balcony cabins) - would they be allowed priority boarding, tendering, etc., since they have to be with us (husband is 74).

    Any suggestions/help very much appreciated.
  2. willie2

    willie2 Guest

    What would be the difference in a penthouse(AC) on decks 8,9 or 10?
    New Cruiser
  3. Schwab_1977

    Schwab_1977 Guest


    well if you decide to book a Penthouse suite aft on deck 8 you will propably hear some vague noise from the Stardust lounge below your cabin in the evenings when there is a show.
    It can also happen that you will hear some noise during the afternoon rehearsals. If you decide to book a Penthouse suite aft on deck 10 you will propably hear some chairs scraping from the Great Outdoors Cafe above your suite. Don't forget the Outdoor cafe is open 24 hours. You will also hear some noise from cleaning the cafe early in the morning before anyone else is awake. The best suites will be the ones aft on deck 9 since they are between deck 10 and 8. Hope to have been of help...greetings from Michael

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