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NCL's Spirit

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by bikevegas, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. brendal

    brendal Guest

    Did a back to back on her 4 years ago and sailing on her 4/19/08 out of NOLA. No refrigs in cabin. Nice ship, built for Asian market so everything shorter, hard beds. Was a HUGE casino but heard they changed that. Best kids pool,etc on any ship we have been on 25 in all.
    Have fun!!!
  2. nmnita

    nmnita Guest

    they have new beds and beddin which is awesome..We couldn't get over how comfortable the beds were.. Yes, everything is small because of being built for the Asians: the casino was awful, the worst we had ever seen. Size wise it was ok, but so tight.

  3. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    Re: Norwegian Spirit moves to Boston

    In just two more days, April 19, the Norwegian Spirit starts its repositioning cruise to Boston from New Orleans. On May 1, the Norwegian Spirit starts its first Bermuda cruise from Boston, replacing the very popular Norwegian Majesty more permanently than the Norwegian Dream which had just a single season. Upon the retirement of the Norwegian Majesty late this fall, the Norwegian Spirit will become NCL's smallest ship.

    The Norwegian Spirit was built in 1998 for Star Cruises as the Superstar Leo two years before Star Cruises bought NCL. It was the original new-build prototype of a cruise ship designed for what we now call Freestyle Cruising. Since transferring to NCL in 2004, NCL has added several amenities over two dry dock visits to make the Norwegian Spirit better for the North America cruise market including adding the Maharini's Lounge & Nightclub disco lounge in what was almost half of Maharajah's Casino and fully implementing the Freestyle 2.0 experience introduced last year throughout NCL's modern fleet.

    The Norwegian Spirit's original decor remains in the untouched areas of the ship. Much of the original and new decor is heavily influenced by Asian art and influences. The Norwegian Spirit has the only all the way to the top atrium in NCL's fleet, and the only full Promenade with Teak decking. The Charlie's Child Care Center and Buccaneer's Wet & Wild are frequently rated amongst the best in cruise ship publications.

    I wait with eager anticipation New England cruiser's reviews of the Norwegian Spirit next month. I hope you enjoy a cruise aboard the Norwegian Spirit as much as I.
  4. jackiel_3290

    jackiel_3290 Active Member

    Our extended family of 11 are booked on the Spirit for Dec. 20 out of NOLA. My mom has done the Free-Style cruising on NCL, but this will be our first time. We were wondering how difficult it will be to get seated in the main dining room with a group our size. Will we need reservations
  5. nmnita

    nmnita Active Member

    yes, you will need reservations. I would suggest you either send a message ahead of time to the ship coordinator explaining the situation or talk to them at the reception desk asap upon arriving...


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