Need grammar advice.


Gayle V

Hey, this is for any English majors out there. (Actually a fifth grader would probably do. )

On the Cruise tips page, I have one sentence that says:

This bit of advice is obvious, but bears repeating.
I'm told that it should read: "but it bares repeating" .

Actually both seem wrong, but I don't know what is right.

Advice please.


Professional writer checking in...

"Bears" is the correct version, but I'd do exactly what suer suggested and go with, "but it is worth repeating." :)


=clap=clap=clap=clapGayle.....huge kudos to you for asking!!!!=clap=clap=clap

When you think about the word bares thing about nakedness....

Lacking the usual or appropriate covering or clothing; naked: a bare arm.
Exposed to view; undisguised: bare fangs.
Lacking the usual furnishings, equipment, or decoration: bare walls.
Having no addition, adornment, or qualification: the bare facts. See Synonyms at empty.
Just sufficient; mere: the bare necessities.
Obsolete Bareheaded.

tr.v. bared, bar·ing, bares

The dog bared its teeth.
To make bare; uncover or reveal: bared their heads; baring secrets.
To expose

When we think of bear we usually think of the animal but as well as the obvious use of the word bear as a noun the word bear can also be used as a verb. I have used bold to note the example you were thinking of when you used the phrase "It bears repeating."

v. tr.

To hold up; support.
To carry from one place to another; transport.
To carry in the mind; harbor: bear a grudge.
To transmit at large; relate: bearing glad tidings.
To have as a visible characteristic: bore a scar on the left arm.
To have as a quality; exhibit: "A thousand different shapes it bears" (Abraham Cowley).
To carry (oneself) in a specified way; conduct: She bore herself with dignity.
To be accountable for; assume: bearing heavy responsibilities.
To have a tolerance for; endure: couldn't bear his lying.
To call for; warrant: This case bears investigation.
To give birth to: bore six children in five years.
To produce; yield: plants bearing flowers.
To offer; render: I will bear witness to the deed.
To move by or as if by steady pressure; push: "boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past" (F. Scott Fitzgerald).

v. intr.

To yield fruit; produce: peach trees that bear every summer.
To have relevance; apply: They studied the ways in which the relativity theory bears on the history of science.
To exert pressure, force, or influence.

To force oneself along; forge.
To endure something with tolerance and patience: Bear with me while I explain matters.
To extend or proceed in a specified direction: The road bears to the right at the bottom of the hill.
To advance in a threatening manner: The ship bore down on our canoe.
To apply maximum effort and concentration: If you really bear down, you will finish the task.

The English language.....isn't it wonderful! :grin


Suer, your little note about K.I.S.S. reminded me of my college geology professor. On any of our essay questions we were likely to receive back this comment in large bold letters
"BS". this stood for Be Specific. LOL

Funny, that plus the KISS are two of the most important pieces of advice that I received during my entire 4 years there! LOL LOL

Hugs, Mari