Need help - First time on a cruise



We just booked a cruise on the Golden Princess to New England - We got a mini suite and I needed some pointers as to what to expect. I have read some of the posts to learn about the ship and I wanted to know if you order breakfast from room service, is that considered an additional cost? How much do you tip (per person per day and who do you tip. My husband and I are taking our 3 year old along.



I asked the same question before my first cruise - which was on the Golden. Room service breakfast is not an additional cost, but the person delivering should be tipped each time they come to your room. We tipped $3.00, but most people tip $2.00. Highly recommend breakfast on the balcony! Fantastic!

You will love the Golden - she is beautiful. We had a great time and became bonafide addicts on that cruise! When we got back we immediately booked next years cruise! If you are interested you can read my review on the Golden Princess under reviews at the top of the page. My review is from the eyes of a first time cruiser. If you have any questions - don't hesitate to email me!


We are on the 9/21 cruise, are you? We have been on nine Princess cruises in the past, this is our first on one of the grand class ships. We have found that Princess is very accomodating and will just about grant every request you have (with some exceptions). We are on the Baja deck cabin B746 - inside, but we never spend that much time in our cabin.

Ron and Connie


Regarding tipping, Princess automatically charges you $10 per person per day to cover all your tips, except room service and bar service (which has 15% added on automatically). You can have that auto-tip adjusted or eliminated by the purser's desk with no problem. I leave the auto-tip in place and tip additionally in cash to those people who I feel have earned it - often the room steward and my waiter if I'm on traditional dining or have established a relationship with one in Personal Choice and have used a specific one throughout the week.

I generally tip $2 for regular room service, up to $5 if I have a full dinner delivered and set up. These waiters aren't on the tip pool covered by the auto tip.

I like Princess' auto-tip system. It eliminates a lot of the angst new cruisers have over the last night tipping, and with so many dining venues, you don't have to worry who to tip, how much and when. I just give additional when I feel it's deserved, and everyone is happy.


You can bring the phone or pager, but once out of range of the towers they will be useless. In most ot the islands our phone just said "searching for service".