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Need HELP for Surprise!



I'm surprising my husband tomorrow with a cruise for our anniversary. The plan is to have dinner tomorrow night at our favorite Italian restaurant with our cruizin buddies, and have the singer present him with a card spilling the trip itinerary after they sing their anniversary song to us. There's where the help part comes in. I need some clip art or pictures that I could create a card from. We're doing the Southern Caribbean on the Dawn Princess in a couple of months. Does anyone have any suggestions?!?!?



I'd suggest writing to John, our fearless leader. He has done some flash movies for CH@OS which contain several pictures - interior and exterior - of the Dawn Princess. I'm sure he could send those to you!

Or you might try going to <http://www.mytravelco.com>. They have 360 degree pictures of a lot of areas on the Dawn. I'm sure you can clip some of them as stills.

What a great surprise!


Well looked at the gallery at www.princess.com and they didn't have Dawn but the sister ship Sun .....


Did you look in our photo gallery and see if there are some Dawn.....don't think anyone would mind you borrowing an image for a card!!.......Einstein put some gorgeous photos on to inspire people for CH@OS.....


Hi there. Are you by any chance on the Nov. 30th sailing out of Fort Lauderdale?

If so, so are we. We've had it booked since March and I can't wait. Only 66 more sleeps!

Terry & Ritgchie