Need help -what to do?


Janet S.

I recently booked a Category C cabin for the June 24th British Isles sailing of the Grandeur of the Seas. I called after a few days to determine if the extra cost of a B cabin might be worthwhile. When I called reservations to ask about any amenities I specifically asked about complimentary laundry and dry-cleaning (I made a note of the date I called and to whom I spoke to.) Along with a bigger cabin and balcony and a few extra perks like robes and flowers, we changed to a B cabin when I was told that the B cabin came with complimentary laundry/dry cleaning. When I called customer service on another matter I asked how would the ship know not to charge me for this service. I was told that it is not a service they offer but they would e-mail the ship to make sure that it is on my booking record not to charge me since I was told it was free. Today, they called me back and said that the ship's personnel told me that there is no way they can fulfill this since there are no butlers or lounge on this ship. What do you think I should do? We are three people and on a 12-day cruise, the complimentary laundry would have been a savings for us. Thanks for any help.


Humm that is very interesting. I have never seen RCI supply free laundry or Dry Cleaning to any category cabin and can't imagine why someone from their office would even tell you that. I will tell you one thing though, the B suites on this class of ship are fantastic. Very large and comfortable with a great balcony.
I do know that there is no self service laundry on board and everything has to be sent in. We spent 17 days on the Legend of the Seas and ran into the same problem. The price for laundry was not out of this world, but we did go home with 4 suitcases full of laundry and dry cleaning.
I really doubt that there is anything that you can do about this as it was a verbal statement made to you over the telephone. I would just keep the B suite and enjoy the extra room and pay the extra for the laundry if you should need it. Just my opinion! ;)

linda T

Just returned from a trip on the Grandeur. You could send your laundry out for a price but I never heard anything about it being included. Pack more than you'll need and you'll do just fine.


RCI does not included this service with their suites. HAL does include free service with their suites. You should be fine, if you really need something cleaned you can. But as long as you have a good size garment bag for dress clothes, the rest should all fit in you suitcase. Enjoy your Cat B you will really like the extra space.

Laurie :candle