Need helpful hints for first time cruisers.



Something I just learned the hard way, Don't pack your cameras and film in your suitcase. Out of fifty pics, only 8 were good. All my beautiful shots were gone except for the ones in the middle of the rolls. I know now they should have been in the carry-on bags. Also, we bought a camera in St. Maarten without doing our homework on what was a good price and when I checked the price we paid against QVC, we over-paid at least $75. more.


Do a search for Cruise Diva DOT Com. She has packing list for both men and women, planning lists, wardrobe list for both men and women and several other list I now rely on.

Our first cruise was on the Carnival Conquest and both my sister and I thought each other had packed the deodorant. Neither one of us did and there was not one bottle, spray can, or tub to be bought on the whole ship. If I had had Cruise Diva's list this would not have happened. Needless to say that we found what we were looking for at the first Port-of-Call but we paid 3 times the amount we would have at the corner drug store.


Bring plenty of ones and fives for tips for porters at the terminals (airport and ship), taxi drivers, and room service.

A night light is something I plan to bring on the next cruise.

Bring an open mind, an ability to go with the flow, and your smile!


order anything you want during normal dining hours even if its not on the room service menu.Just write it in.
For 2 people, order coffee for 4 from room service in the morning to make sure you get a large pot.
Order cheese plate to have delivered to room as appetizers before dinner.
Night lites need extension cord as plug is turned upside down and might not plug in.
Buy booze in St Marteen or St Thomas. On western cruises be careful of pricing.
First time cruisers should book excursions through the ship, unless you know the port very well.
You dont have to eat every night in the dining room, but it is courteous to let your tablemates and wait staff know before hand so they dont wait for you.
If you choose never to eat in the dining room, you should still tip the wait staff on the last night anyway.
Summer and holiday cruises will be full of families
Do your research on the cruise your thinking about as there could be some large groups booked on board that you might not want to be around
The cruise line will not tell you if any groups are booked for a particular sailing.
Smuggling booze onboard is an iffy proposition, sometimes you can get away with it, sometimes you cant...especially at spring break.

thats all I can think of Suer