Need ideas on how to surprise hubby w/ cruise



My hubby will be turning 40 next month. I booked a 3 night cruise on the Fantasy as an early birthday present, we leave February 16th, I'm looking for a creative way of telling him, any suggestions?

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I don't think I would. I would just tell him to pack his bags the day before, but keep it a secret. It's only 11 days away.

My mom surprised my dad with a 3 day trip to San Francisco. He didn't know where he was going until he had transfered planes once and was clearing customs in Calgary. He said it was a very nice surprise... actually it was for his birthday too.


Depends on the mood. Could you put the docs (or copies thereof) in his work bag a couple of days before. Or, I might just start hauling out the suitcases and let him ask what in the world I was doing.

What a wonderful gift! Have fun! :)


My original plan was to pick him up from work, once he gets in the car blindfold him and take him to the airport. Then take the blindfold off when we got to the airport. Check into the hotel, next day check out, blindfold him again and drive to port. But thought that would be bit much. We have 3 small children and he wouldn't be able to see/kiss them before leaving. So I thought I would suprise him a few days before, this way he can spend some quality time with the kids.

Another couple (they set me & my hubby up) will be going with us to help celebrate....I was going to tell hubby they are driving us to the airport and surprise him when we got there they were coming with us OR I was going to have my FIL drive us to the airport and the other couple will drive seperately and when we walk into the terminal they will be waiting for us and can shout Surprise.

Cycofan.....I was thinking about putting a copy of our boarding passes in his lunch bag also.

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Buy 2 tickets to the Super Bowl and have it announced on the scoreboard at half time. :thumb


My son surprised his wife by having her go on a small scavenger hunt inside the house...... be creative....the last place she had to go to was the bathroom where he had put some blue dye in some water in the bathtub with a boat floating in it. Have fun :wave


I love the scavenger hunt idea. You could buy a child's plastic boat and put the name of the ship in magic marker on it. My DH gave me a B2B CTN for my 50th b'day last April. He found a candy shop that had a chocolate shaped ship ( I =love my chocolate!!!) and wrapped it in a copy of the "itinerary." Or you could buy a "captain's hat" and put the docs in the "cap part" and wrap it up. Have a great time!

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All wonderful ideas - but I would surprise him as much as I could. Let him know you are going somewhere so he can tell the kids goodbye - but don't tell him where until you get there!

Please let us know what you decide and how it goes. Good Luck!


I also love the scavenger hunt idea. We did it for our kids a few yrs back for a trip to disney(christmas present) just seeing them get excited at each step of the hunt was so much fun for DH and I....we had them going from one end of the house to the next...I hope you both have the time of your life.....let us know how it goes....