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Need More RCCL Posters

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by oeshpdog2, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. judiallan

    judiallan Guest

    I know what you mean about the ice. I HAVE to have ice with my diet coke. Our steward was good about leaving us ice. But that once a day rule is silly. I also miss the razor, lotion, etc. that they used to have in bathroom - just less stuff to pack.:thumb

    We were actually thinking of going to go on the Carnival Legend next year because I have wanted to see Belize and Roaton (sp) but then RCL decided not to do the partial transit after April of this year so we went with the Jewel in order to get the partial since a 14day is harder to schedule.

    I am looking forward to the Jewell but we really think Carnival food is better but service on RCL is better. Right now we book by itinerary.
  2. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    sorry San...did you say something?? =huh

    Razors huh?? Must have been before I started cruising with RCCL back in 01.........
  3. Libby

    Libby Guest

    I don't remember the razors, but I remember the lotion, cotton balls and Q-tips......... little things that have just slipped away.

    Ice/water ....... my husband is diabetic and drinks a ton of water. Our room stewards have always .... and continue to bring two 'refills' a day, and sometimes have offered to bring a bigger ice bucket.

    And as long as others are confessing ....... we usually bring a 12-pack of diet coke with us. That way we save a little money towards our next cruise!
  4. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    The board wouldn't let me post messages.........the timer kept going, but nothing happened....then they all hit half an hour later.

    I don't smuggle anything aboard....I'm a clean living outstanding individual.
  5. Libby

    Libby Guest

    Of course, I knew that. I'm never sure when I hit my post message whether I'm replying to an individual or to the whole board......... I believe someone mentioned they brought wine.
    I love watching out over our balcony during the embarkation process and see how many innocent bottles of bottled water are confiscated (usually close to and at spring break time) that contain vodka an gin. And the kids that are left behind at the pier --- who had filled out their set sail passes claiming to be over 21 --- yet at the time of boarding, when someone in a stateroom had to be 21 --- alas, no one was.
    It's those simple things that are as entertaining for us as the cruise itself. I also like the people who are shopping at the end of the pier - and think the ship will wait until they make up their minds at Little Switzerland as to which watch they really want. Then start running like h*ll when the captain blows the horn.
    I digress ......... but I'm still absorbing what the stock market did today.
  6. judiallan

    judiallan Guest

    Bringing pop and water on board is completely OK. You can even slap a cabin# sticker on the sack and it will arrive in your room (from what I have heard.)

    I have only brought on bottled water but next trip we have to bring Pepsi for DH (he won't drink coke) and since they don't have pepsi on board, and I am hooked on Green Tea Citrus and will have to bring some on with me.

    I am not that big of a drinker so if I can't afford to pay for two or three drinks per day - I figure I shouldn't be cruising- course I may feel differently about this after a 10 day cruise!:party

    Re the razor - on our first cruise in 2003 on the Explorer there was a basket of goodies with things like mouthwash, lotion, a disposable razor, Tylenol, etc. just like at a hotel.
  7. sealover

    sealover Guest

    The basket in the bathroom is a new one on me too... I know they had/have them on Carnival..I started cruising RCCL in O4 so I must have missed it...

    No smuggling for me either... we used to take the little airline type bottles of booze along...after to many years of lugging them on & then lugging them back home said to heck with it...just enjoy our drink at the bar...
  8. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    The only basket with toiletries I have seen are in the suites..........now,we usually dont get a suite so dont know if they still have them.......

    I like to bring wine on to enjoy in the cabin..........Im talking one or two bottles..............I can afford to buy drinks.......its just a matter of convenience..........
  9. judiallan

    judiallan Guest

    I'm not talking about a huge gift basket- this was maybe 6inches in diameter at the most.:lol

    I do think the wine prices on board are outrageous. Now that I think about it we did bring on a nice bottle of champagne when we renewed our wedding vows a few years ago. So I guess I did "smuggle"..... Actually I think I just packed in in the suitcase- didn't know at the time you couldn't bring it on board. .... =huh
  10. Breeze

    Breeze Guest

    It wasn't that long ago that you could still bring a bottle of wine on board and it wasn't a problem. Now they make you sneak everything and that's just wrong. Already planning to bring boxed wine on our next cruise. I'd rather not have to do it, but heck, RCCL gets plenty of money our of us in the way of bar tab. I couldn't believe last cruise drink of the day was about $9.50. That's ridiculous! We like to have a glass or two of wine in our cabin getting ready for dinner, so what's the big deal?

    I too have heard that Carnival is considering dropping the fuel surcharge. Good for them.

    Only time I ever saw a basket of goodies on RCCL was when we were in a JS. Carnival used to have them in every cabin. Not having been on Carnival is a few years, I don't know if they still do it.
  11. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    Well Judi, with all the smuggling of booze etc., I'm not suprised that they took away the razors. {I don't remember them either, though]

    OK. I have heard that RCCL is strongly considering building some super Radiance ships. If you would like to see this happen, maybe it would help if we all sent a message to Miami saying that we think that it's a wonderful idea. New builds of a smaller size than the current builds [FR and Oasis class] could definately get me to be really positive about a continuing relationship with RCCL.
  12. Libby

    Libby Guest

    I don't favor the mega radiance class. the mega would make them the same size, generally, than the Voyager class. How about just more of he same size Radiance?
  13. judiallan

    judiallan Guest

    LOL- Well Judi, with all the smuggling of booze etc., I'm not suprised that they took away the razors. {I don't remember them either, though]

    I love the Radiance class. My DH like the Voyager class because of the Promenade. I have absolutely no desire to cruise on anything larger than the Voyager class so more of the Radiance class would be my vote. I will be sure to let them know my preference. We can't imagine the logistics of boarding and de-boarding on the Oasis. I do not like crowds so it wouldn't be for me. I will be interested read the reviews.
  14. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    I get the feeling that they would be around 120,000GRT....not the 138,000 of Voyagers. But I'll take it....I didn't think they would ever consider building anything smaller than an FR class again.
  15. melanile

    melanile Guest

    This will be my first RCCL and I really hope they DON'T charge more for steak!! I'm pretty excited about this. I'm taking it alot of you have been on the Mariner. How is it?
  16. Libby

    Libby Guest

    I've been on the Mariner twice - a very nice ship. Both captains are very personable, and add a lot to the cruise experience. Enjoy!!
  17. Re: Need More RCCL Posters: Empress

    Hi, I wanted to share the recent experience I had on Empress which no longer belongs to RCCL, but now to Pullmantur. Inside the ship, there's still old Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines logos on the walls though, which was pretty confusing.

    But my trip was overall good. The rooms were fine but the theater was relatively small. Luckily the ship was not overcrowded, probably because it was the season’s first trip to these destinations.
    Inside shops were not as great as I expected. One of the great things inside the ship was our handsome cabin steward!

    After Rhodes, our port of call was Bodrum. God, it was the PERFECT location! The castle was just in front of me when I woke up in my room, embracing the dazzling harbour. Amazing!

    When we left the ship, we passed through the port terminal first in order to head downtown. A clean, well maintained port. As we passed the checkpoints, the duty free shop welcomed us. Of course I couldn’t resist and stopped by the shop! Especially, since my perfume had fallen on the room floor and broken into pieces. I found my favourite fragrance in the shop, with a GOOD price tag, in fact!

    I didn’t have to carry my shopping bag with me all the time, as the duty free people offered me to keep it for me and give it back to me when I’m back in port. It was a VERY thoughtful offer.

    Just next to the exit door of the Port, smiling girls -smiling like any other port staff- welcomed us with complimentary Turkish coffee. It was DELICIOUS and a very nice gesture, I must say.

    After having done some shopping in the duty free shop and had a cup of delicious coffee I started walking towards the castle that had welcomed me with the first rays of sunlight in the morning.

    Bodrum is a super cute small town sorrounded by a sea with beautiful turquoise color. I took numerous pictures as I walk to the Castle, when I’m in the Castle and some very nice pictures in the marina next to the Castle.

    It was a very nice and unexpected experience I had in Bodrum, I must say. After having seen Greek town of Rhodes, I kept my expectations a little low on the way to Bodrum, to be honest, considering it’s located in Turkey.
    But it surprised me to see that it is not that different than Greek towns and I still felt safe and secure and didn’t feel like I was out of EU.

    Our next port of call was another Turkish port: Kusadasi. This town is well known for Ephesus Ancient City and House of Mary. Both PERFECT places to visit. This port was also nice. There was a CHIC shopping mall in the port, with great shops and cafés. We had the opportunity to stop by this mall on the way back to the port. I bought some nice shirts and dresses and had a cup of coffee in Starbucks contemplating the beautiful sunset in the evening. The port security was pretty strict and we were checked over and over again as we passed through different doors. This is something positive I think, I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable otherwise. Whatever.

    To sum up, it was a nice trip I had in that ship and the most fascinating places were Ephesus, the Hose of Mary and Bodrum-which was enchanting. I hope I’ll have another opportunity to book in such a cruise. It was a great experience. Even FANTASTIC!
    God, I miss it already!

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