need prayers


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had a x ray on my thyroid yesterday and dr called me today to tell me that I have a cyst on my thyroid I don't even like going to doctors and now I am going to have a needle aspiration I have been reading about it on the web and I am even more upset. I am so depressed I don't have time for this I have two cruises coming up I can only hope for the best. I am not a very good pt and hope for the best I am going to try not to worry but that is hard for me.


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Audrey, your concern is understandable. Just try not to panic .... easier said than done. Sending you good thoughts!


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Audrey, I can fully understand your concern. From what I've heard, aspirations are not super painful. And, whatever it is, we all hope and pray that it's nothing to worry about.

Mal and I send our prayers and good wishes that everything comes out okay! :thumbup:


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Audrey, I understand your worry but please try not to panic. I too hate going to the dr. I have had needle aspirations of cysts in my breast 3 times & it isn't really bad. Was I nervous? Absolutely, especially the 1st time; the worry & stress I put on myself was much worse than the procedure. I've had a tumor removed from the other breast--benign. I've had a tumor removed from my spine--benign. DS#3 had a huge cyst on his tonsils that had to removed--it was so big it almost closed off his throat but it was a simple cyst & nothing more. My dr said most cysts are just that--a cyst & nothing more so the odds are in your favor. However, it is important to get it checked out.

My advice to you is: #1. stay away from the web, too much stuff out there to make you worry
about something that most likely won't affect you
#2. call your dr & ask for a little something to relax you the day of the
procedure--let him know how stressed you get with things like this. Mike
goes into a panic for every procedure so they give him a little something
to calm him down.

Positive thoughts are on the way that like mine, this will be nothing more than a simple cyst.


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a little up date I am still waiting for appointment for the needle biopsy I have called almost every day and just get a run around at kaiser. Yesterday I got some one to make appointment for mon but the test still has to be oked what ever that means. The doctor put a order in for it but someone still has to ok it. I will call back today and hope for the best.


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Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way Audrey! I have a pretty good idea just how you're feeling. I'm much the same when it comes to anything medical!


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The worst part of all of this is the waiting. Waiting to get the test done & waiting to get the results. Good luck to you. Positive thoughts that this will all turn out ok.


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No, no, no Audrey! Our prayers are all headed your way, so let's don't cross any bridges before we get there. I think it would be more understandable if you weren't nervous, but this isn't a difficult procedure, for either the patient or the doctor. You ARE going to be just fine...we have cruises to do SOON, and all your worries will be over by then. Then, you'll be wondering why you were worried!


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thanks everyone for your prayers and good wishes. I am taking the test for sure on mon and then have to wait another week for results I worry about every thing and that is just me.


My best wishes are with you audrey-seems like the anticipation is worse than the actual deed. Will be anxious to hear your4 reportys. Hugs Maw


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Audrey, so sorry I missed this post somehow.

I have had a needle biopsy in the past on a breast lump and it was not bad. Good luck on Monday. I will keep you in my prayers.


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Audrey, your anticipation is going to be the worst part of this. When it's over you will wonder why you were so scared. But then, I totally understand because I am the same way! Have someone go with you so that you don't feel alone, and know we will all be thinking about you on Monday.