need prayers


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had the biopsy done this morning and it was not that bad now I am having a lot of discomfort I have taking something for it but I am not a very good pt I don't do well with pain


Awaiting results of mental evaluation
So glad to hear that it's over and done with. The soreness will pass before you know it. Hoping that results are negative all around. Keeping you in our prayers...


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Waiting is the hardest part, whether it's the anticipation before the procedure or the waiting for results afterwards. Keep up the good thoughts Audrey.


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You're in my thoughts and prayers for good news, Audrey. I know how difficult and nerve-wracking it is to w-a-i-t. {{{hugs}}}

H2O babe

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I am just now reading of your issue Audrey. I hope that you are doing well while you wait for your results. I send warm wishes and some hugs to you.