Need some activity advice for our Alaskan port stopsovers...

First, thanks to everyone who have helped with all the advice thus far. After researching for-EV-er we finally booked with HAL on the Oosterdam leaving out of Seattle this July 18, and my Mom and Grandma are so excited! For us this is truly going to be the trip of a lifetime!

Right now I'm looking for things to do with my family at our various ports of call. Grandma has Parkinson's and some mobility issues, although she can stand and walk for a little bit. Steps for her would be iffy, although we could probably manage if it meant getting to something really good, like a good train ride.

Here's where we'll be...

Juneau.....7a-8p....Wed Jul 21
Sitka........8a-5p....Thu Jul 22 (tendered)
Ketchikan..7a-1p.....Fri Jul 23 (helicopter ride?)
Victoria....6p-11p...Sat Jul 24
Seattle....11a-11p..Sun Jul 25 (dinner at Space Needle?)

Keeping Grandma in mind can anyone suggest good things for us to do at these ports? Originally we thought we might be in Skagway for the train ride but unfortunately we won't be stopping there. So, if there are any good train rides in any of these cities we'll probably try to go for it. If possible money and time wise I'll probably try to take Mom on a helicopter ride in Ketchikan.

So, I'm all ears for your suggestions! Thanks so much for your time and your advice! I'm sure I'll be back here to let everybody know how it all goes!
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These are a bit expensive (by my standards); but, you said you were considering a helicopter ride, so, depending on mobility issues, you might consider:

Juneau -
Dog Sledding on the Mendenhall Glacier by Helicopter,
Glacier Dog Sled Adventure by Helicopter, or the
Taku Glacier Lodge, Feast & Flight by Floatplane

Ketchikan -
Alaska Bear Adventure by Floatplane
Neets Bay Bear Watch by Floatplane
Magnificent Misty Fjords by Floatplane

Less expensive, but probably the best tours, in the following ports, are:

Victoria -
Buchart Gardens
Empress High Tea
Orca Watching

Sitka -
Fortress of the Bear
Raptor Center

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We thought the helicopter ride in juneau was the best.

In Sitka we have done the whale watching there a couple of times -- really great.

Victoria -- Buchart Gardens is lovely.

Ketchikan -- definitely a float plane -- and don't forget to walk to Creek Street and see Dolly's house.


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Victoria if it's a nice warm night. Take a ships tour to Butchart gardens. I mention the ships tour because of your limited time in Port. Night time there is beautiful with lights, but you will still have plenty of daylight also.

A one time thing is Seattle. Sure go for the space needle dinner. Not really really great cuisine but the view is. :smile: