Need some good thoughts please, regarding my beagle mix Lizzie :(


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You may remember Liz has terminal cancer. She looks fine and is still behaving 'fine', other than the odd occasional cough and panting. She is wagging her tail ALL the time as she usually does, and more frantically when she wants to be fed. (Which is ALL the time due to the prednisone)
Last week she was starting be restless in the night time, not really distressed but so I took her into the vets for another x-ray to make sure she didn't have fluid around her heart or lungs as I don't want her to be in pain. She has no fluid BUT the one tumour almost 'fills' her right lung :(
The other one is as big as her heart and is along side of it. She has numerous large ones in her throat too. The problem is the one in her lung may cause a rupture in her lung and she could haemorrhage at any time:bawl:
Of course I don't want that to happen so I have to make a choice for her. :bawl:
It is just a year on August 16th since Morris passed away and so this is even more of a difficult decision to make. I can't imagine taking her in the car when she LOVES riding in the car and will be so excited that she is going on a trip................. only to have to take her to the vets for her last ride. I can hardly type for the tears...................
She is here snoring at the side of me as I type, bless her heart.
So please give me the strength to do this for her soon .
Thanks to everyone.................


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It's never easy letting go, but if there's any chance she's in distress, you need to do the right thing.

Knowing you, I am sure you'll realize when the time comes.



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The sad thing is Judi because she looks and is behaving 'healthy' and still has the 'light in her eyes' it's just destroying me. Even the vet said about the light is still in her eyes and so it is going to be hard to make the choice but she said she knows I will do what's best for Lizzie Drippin'
I wished I knew how to post a photo of her.


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My heart goes out to you. It is so hard to do it even tho we know we should. I know Josie was in no distress and happy when I made the decision as I knew with her tumor that it could cause extreme pain at any time and there was nothing I could do so decided I didn't want her to go thru that as the outcome could have to be the same so just picked a day and am happy she was spared any pain. You will know when the time comes. Susan


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Barbara, It's a hard decision to make but somehow you just know when it's the right time. I wish we never had to lose our beloved furbabies but sadly we do. I hope Lizzie has some more good days and you can spend some more time together before she has to go to the Rainbow Bridge.

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I agree that it is the hardest decision that you will have to make. But I also know that she will let you know when it is time. My heart breaks for you.


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Oh my dear, how I wish I could make this easier for you but there is no way that can be. The last thing you want is for something to happen to Lizzie at home in the middle of the night. You do not want her to suffer any more than she is now from those tumors & wagging tail or not, you can't really know how bad she might really feel. I've always known when the time was "right" but when it came to my Maltese, Jack, I waited too long. He would come up to me in the morning & wag his tail & even though I knew in my heart it was his "time" I put off another day & another day & then in the midddle of the night it happened; he woke me up because he was having trouble breathing & for the next 10 min or so he suffered because of me, because I waited too long. My other pets I've gone to the vet & hard as it was, I've held them close in my arms & watched them go peacefully asleep in my arms. Easy to do, NO! But so much better than having a pet go thru what my Jack did.

I'm so sorry you & Lizzie have to go thru this.


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I know it will be hard but I also know I will do what is right by Liz. Morris who passed away last August, we watched him struggle for 10 hours overnight because we didn't want to take him to the dreadful emergency vet. ( Long story regarding them) He passed away as we were getting ready to take him to our vets.
I had to 'help' my other rescue dog Rudy about 4 yrs ago, he was in a similar situation as Liz, my husband was away at the time so thankfully a close friend came with me then.
Thanks to everyone.


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Barbara - I just saw this, and am so sorry to see that Lizzie's condition has deteriorated with her tumors.

I can only repeat what others have said, what I've said to you before in email, and what I had to experience with my Topaz. You must think of Lizzie first and foremost. Letting go is one of the hardest and most heartbreaking decisions we ever have to make. But if the time has come, it's a kindness for Lizzie. Given the description of her tumors, do you want that poor sweetie to suddenly go into distress? My Topaz looked and acted fine until THAT horrible day when it's suspected that her tumor burst.

Think of Lizzie. Think of those growing and multiplying tumors. Don't let her suffer. Seek your Vet's advice - Liz has been on the brink for a long time now.

Hugs and prayers,

Mary Ann
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I cannot offer any advice...all I can do is send you loads of cyber hugs and some special and gentle skritches for Liz! She is a beautiful little girl!


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It is SUCH a hard decision for you to make! Lizzie will let you know when it's time. If it makes a difference, I'm helping you cry.


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Hoping to speak with my vet tomorrow afternoon and arrange a 'date'. I won't wait until she is in discomfort or worse, the lung ruptures. I have been sooooo lucky that she has been in good health for so long, considering she has been terminal for over year now.
Again thank you all for your kind words.
Liz is in bed so I am going to join her if she will just move over and give me some room!
I did want to ask for hugs for my other dog Guinness, he is the last one of the 4 rescues we had and he will be lost, especially without Lizzie as she is the alpha dog and his big buddy, she has often lead him astray!


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Barbara, such a difficult decision to make with your heart, but making it with Lizzie in mind will make it easier. I can't add more then what has been said, but I do know that you will feel better in the days and years to come if you know that she didn't suffer. You will be in my thoughts and prayers today.


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Barbara took this photo of Lizzie this evening. She said Liz was all excited and wanted to be fed. Barbara was going to take her (and I guess, Guinness) for a ride in the truck.

Scritches, Lizzie.


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Barbara - I have no words of wisdom as I have not had to do this but I am sending you {{hugs}} while you & Lizzie go through this time.