Neptune lounge


Mal D. Olive

I'll wash up with any old soap......just bring on the chips and dips.

Thanks in advance John, for anything you can do!!! :thumb


Sorry....I was serious with my question. I'd like to find the green soap again.
He made reference to something I have been looking for.

Enjoy your chips and dip.


The "Green" soap can still be purchased. Its a dangerous treck, not for the faint of heart. I aquired some for you Mal, and if the ladies in Neptune Lounge are trustworthy it will be waiting for you.

An added plus was "Munchos" available under the dome in Neptune.

suer and me told them you were coming !!!!


Would you be so kind to share where you found the green soap. You surely are aware you have teased me as I mentioned I'd like to buy some on our upcoming Noordam cruise.

It would be kind of you to let us know where it is still available.

Thank you if you feel you can do that.

Spender Nui

We look at the Neptune Lounge as a wonderful convenience and a way to avoid lines at the "front office". We don't really look there for food.

Krazy Kruizers

We haven't been very impressed with the food in the Neptune Lounge on our last few cruises.

Doesn't seem to change very much from day to day.


I have never been there yet, I hope to be there some day soon .
I was close last time, SS suite .


[quote Krazy Kruizers]We haven't been very impressed with the food in the Neptune Lounge on our last few cruises.

Doesn't seem to change very much from day to day.[/quote]

Picky, picky, picky.

We returned yesterday from 11 days on the Noordam. The Neptune Lounge was a highlight of the trip. The ladies were helpful with everything; and, as mentioned by Spender Nui, it meant we rarely had to join the lines at the front office. They even snagged us a last minute excursion 15 minutes before the excursion started.

The food was pretty much the same every day, but it was good. It's there for snacks, not meals. Chefs came to the lounge several times a day to make sure that the food quality and presentation are OK.

Don't forget to eat breakfast at the Pinnacle Grill. While we weren't keeping count, our best guess is that we had six breakfasts at Pinnacle, two from room service, and three at the Lido. The first Lido breakfast was to see what it was like. For the other two, we were hungry and went to the Pinnacle, but it wasn't open yet; so the Lido was the only place that was open. For light eaters, the Neptune has enough food for a good breakfast. We like something hot, so we usually grabbed some juice, fruit and a cappucino (and maybe a pastry or some meusli) at the Neptune, then went down to the PG. Heavenly!