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Never Cruised NCL Before - Going This Month - Have Questions

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by 12Cats, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. 12Cats

    12Cats Guest

    I've only sailed Princess in the past - can hardly wait to experience a new cruise line. A friend of mine and I are taking the repositioning cruise from Vancouver to LA on the Star (great birthday gift for me and for the price it couldn't be passed up - $126 a person).

    Anyway - neither of us have sailed NCL before and we would like to have any information you're willing to give to make this trip great (of course just cruising will make it great - but any help you can give will make it better). Are there things we should definitely take (like a power strip perhaps) or others? What should we "not miss"?

    Our cabin is 5156 - so any information from someone who knows about that location would be welcome as well.

  2. nmnita

    nmnita Guest

    Cats, I can't tell you much about the cabin as I haven't been in that one, but you can go to the NCL website and find it under deck plans. It will tell you the location and the amenities.

    I also want to remind you the shorter cruises will not offer the same quality of food or service you get on week cruises or even longer one.

    That being said, you should have a great experience. Be sure and try at least one specialty restaurant. Most think Le Bistro is the best. It is NCLs flagship restaurant and I believe NCL was the first to introduce alternative dining options. We have been enjoying meals in Le Bistro for about 10 years.

    I don't know what Princess cruise you were on, but you will probably find the cabins very similar on NCL, maybe even a little larger.

    You want to know what not to leave behind, though I have never seen the need for a power strip many do, they don't take up much room so by all means bring one. If either of you have very long or very thick hair you may want to pack your hair dryer. Again, I never worry about that cause my hair dries in no time. Of course a wind breaker or jacket and a sweat shirt or shirts will come in handy. The entire trip could be on the cool side. I am sure you know the policy, can't brink booze on the ship and no jeans at dinner.

    Enjoy your trip, if you have anymore questions I would be glad to try and help. You got a great price, should see some awesome scenery and it is a great time of the year to cruise the Pacific North West.

    Of course you will want to try some great seafood in San Francisco. You didn't say where you are from so don't know how much of this is routine for you.

  3. 12Cats

    12Cats Guest

    Thanks for the link to the cabin info site. This helps a lot. I had figured out the location from the deck plans - but didn't know anything about what was in the cabin itself. This is great. Thanks again.

  4. cruzingram

    cruzingram Guest

    We always bring a power stripe. With only one plug available in the desk area it makes life much easier. We have only sailed on Norwegian (11 cruises) and found the hairdryers on the newer ships worked fine. The ones on the Majesty are useless though!
  5. K4Near

    K4Near Guest

    My family and I just completed our 1st ever cruise on NCL's Sun from Seattle to Alaska. Although a nice ship and a nice time BEWARE I inadvertently left a canvas bag and in it all my families memorable and expensive purchases behind in our room when we disembarked. The "lost and found" returned only 1 thing from the bag (a picture), the rest was stolen in their "lost and found" protocol....my "lost" was their "found" . The customer service after the cruise was HORRIBLE and they offered no explaination or apology as to my stolen items. I could no answers why my bag and the contents couldn't be returned to me in whole. I will never cruise NCL again and will tell my story over and over hoping that It will deter anyone from experiencing the DISGUST I've experienced with NCL. I've got no answers and no recourse - They suck!
  6. ok, I think you have made your point: would you like some other websites to post on? NMnita
  7. K4Near

    K4Near Guest

    You bet
  8. actually if you do want to spread the word though I doubt you will get much satisfaction, there are several other sites: Cruise Critic and Cruisemates just to mention a couple. Again, I would be surprised if very many will be very sympathetic, but you can get your story out there and see what response you get. I could be wrong.

  9. CynCyn

    CynCyn Guest

    Just got back from the Vancouver to LA cruise and was extremely disappointed in NCL. The service was horrible everywhere, so I can totally identify with K4Near. The staff was argumentative and rude. They did not listen to us finish a sentence in the dining room before they were off getting what they assumed we wanted! No chocolate buffet, crappy toilet paper, and no good food unless you paid the cover charge for specialty restaurants.
  10. nmnita

    nmnita Guest

    I totally understand how you feel, but in all fairness you choose a repo cruise for a dirt cheap price. short, 3 and 4 day cruises are never the same as 7 day or longer ones. We have done these I guess 4 times now and would never again go on one less than 7 days: BTW, the lines we have done the shorty cruises on are Chandris (no more) Carnival, RCI and Celebrity: non have been anything to write home about. If you re-read K4nears post she had an awesome cruise: her complaint was in regards to a lost piece of luggage. Of course there was no chocolate buffet or the best in food. Not liking the TP is about the funniest I complaint I have ever heard. You too can go on other lines and post your views: NMNita

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