Never, ever think "I just have breast cancer"!!!!



Dear Rhonda, Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time as always. Seamom put into words which I am sure we all feel; that your bravery will see you through this next hurdle in your battle. May God give you strength. We send our love from the U.K. Dot and Les.

Cruise cutie

Ronda.. I deal with Oncology events CONSTANTLY..the travesties of the suffering, and the gratitude for having the Life given ,and savoured... and yet you and your journey NEVER leave me..Susan/Seamom is as is Judy Golden's/ J so much more worthy of note for the turn of a pen..
may you have your journey's path be comfort filled, choices YOU make; and knowing that your joy of Life and the Miracle of Love a Constant..
my heart aches so, and my prayers have never stopped.I as Maw am grateful we played in San Francisco for Amigo's and I too am wanting to be able to give you a gentle smoosh in August too .HUGE hugs and Love, Joanne


Our dear Butterfly, There are no words to express what I am feeling so I will just say how proud I am of you (your strength just goes on forever), how sorry I am that you are facing this tough journey (but I am so glad that you have family and friends that are there to support you in your choices) and that you will be constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Much love and many =hug=hug=hug of the most gentle kind!


Although I don't post very often I still visit here daily.
You are a remarkable woman, such a wonderful person and an inspiration to us all, and I am so glad we 'met'.
Seamoms post said it all so well


connie seabee

I'm choking back tears as I read your journal. You are such a special lady, who encourages others by spreading words of inspiration to others.
Your words love, life, hope and faith will live on forever.


I'm sorry to hear about the turn of events for you. I echo what Seamom said. It's a celebration of life and getting to know you through this board. Take care and =hug


[size=medium]Ronda, in case you are not aware of this... Dr. Thomas Kieber-Emmons (ACRC) has given his life work to the cure of breast cancer. His research has been federally funded since 1992. Finally after decades of research he has produced a vaccine shown to stimulate the killing of tumor cells. He and Dr Laura Hutchins, his fellow researcher, will be conducting Phase 1 of a clinical trail to test the safety of a breast cancer immunotherapy he and his team have developed. If all goes as expected during this 4 month trail, they will begin Phase 2, a year long clinical trail to prove to the world what he has been meticulously working on for decades... His is a first-of-its-kind carbohydrate-targeting vaccine shown to stimulate the killing of tumor cells...

Ronda, as a 4A lung cancer survivor, {treated at ACRC with Dr. Hutchens on the oncology team} I can only say that it is God, and God alone who makes the call of "terminal". At the end of the 4 months I was given to live, I was cancer free, and have been for the past 12 years.

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An old Italian saying from a Belgian: "Have faith and courage - God will provide the strength."
Your faith and courage have taken you this far and God will provide the strength to go on. You WILL be in San Francisco in August.


I really don't know what to say. The others have said it so well. Please know that I admire you and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.