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Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by beachmom5, Jan 1, 2002.

  1. Sue Clark

    Sue Clark Guest

    <HTML>Hello all, we are Jim and Sue Koenig from Denver, Colo. Our next cruise is Feb. 3 on the Maasdam - Western Caribbean.

  2. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    <HTML>Checking in from SE Wisconsin (Milwaukee area).</HTML>
  3. Worldcrzr

    Worldcrzr Guest

    <HTML>Happy New Year from San Diego, CA. Our next cruise is a four day on the Ecstasy the end of this month (fondly known as the cruise to no where) and then July, 2002 on ms Princendam doing back to back Baltic cruises (28 days). Last year, we did Hawaii in April on the Statendam (15 days), Sea of Cortez on the Ryndam (10 days) and South America on the Ryndam (35 days)...total cruising days in 2001 was 60.

    I keep wanting to re-decorate the house and my husband says...let's get our priorities straight...cruising first, house second.</HTML>
  4. PattiG

    PattiG Guest

    <HTML>Better late than never? Greetings from Patti and Les in Montreal, Qc, Canada! No cruises planned for the near future - still savoring the memories of our last two transatlantic cruises on Grand Princess and then Millennium - fabulous times! Happy New Year to all!!!!!!!

    :CAN :USA</HTML>
  5. Catgirl

    Catgirl Guest

    <HTML>Happy New Year to all, from Catgirl in Maryland.</HTML>
  6. Kilted1

    Kilted1 Guest

    <HTML>Happy New Year, all! Tom in Arlington, VA. Have done one cruise (Millennium in November) and am hovering over possible plans to do a long weekend on Monarch or Majesty before the winter is over.

    Sorry I'm late -- don't check the messages for a few days and see what happens?</HTML>
  7. Yana

    Yana Guest

    <HTML>Yana & Sam from NYC.</HTML>
  8. edward v

    edward v Guest

    <HTML>I'm still here with my Princess Commodore pin & Cunard Gold card...</HTML>
  9. nieciez

    nieciez Guest

    <HTML>Hi, DeniseZ here from Fredericksburg, VA (grew up in Bellmawr, NJ). Wish all my addict friends a healthy and happy 2002....may there be many cruises in your future!</HTML>
  10. brownii

    brownii Guest

    <HTML>Happy New Year!! Checking in from Columbus, MS.

    Unfortunately, instead of taking a cruise in February, we are taking our daughter, grandson, and granddaughter to Disney World for a week. She was planning on flying to Paris with my sister in January, but after Sept 11, we told her that we would take her to Disney World with her 4 yr old son and our son's 3 yr old daughter. As you can guess, she jumped at that one! We thought about a Disney Cruise, but with the little ones we decided to just go to DW and save the cruise for the fall with just the two of us. Not the Disney cruise though.</HTML>
  11. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    <HTML>Sail7seas here in Boston area....where it's cold but, thankfully, no snow!! Hope it keeps up this way with a dry winter!!!
    Especially for our travel day in February to get to FLL and the Zaandam.

  12. watergirl

    watergirl Guest

    <HTML>Jeanie checking in from Kennett, Missouri. We don't currently have any cruises booked. I need to get on the ball...can't stand the idea of not having one on the calendar. Thinking about the Voyager or the new Conquest out of New Orleans. Got to get hubby to commit to a date. I would love to do a Tahiti/Hawaii cruise someday.</HTML>
  13. CaroleE

    CaroleE Guest

    <HTML>Happy New Year from San Francisco. My next sailing is 1/12 on the Crown Princess. It is time to think about what clothes to take.

    May all your cruising dreams come true.</HTML>
  14. cruise lady

    cruise lady Guest

    <HTML>Hi it's Cruise lady, signing in from San Diego, just paid off our cruise for March 16, 2002 on the Radiance. Had a scare though, I fell and broke my right shoulder X-mas night, but doctor said I should be okay to go.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE, and watch where you're walking, or you might end up like I am.</HTML>
  15. Bill

    Bill Guest

    <HTML>Bill from Boston here. AOS sailing on 1/20/02. 18 more days for this cruising newbie !!!!</HTML>
  16. <HTML>Wishing all of you a Happy New Year. I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area. Looking forward to three cruises planned this year.</HTML>
  17. balfourbob

    balfourbob Guest

    <HTML>Hi all
    Bob + Annie from Wappingers Falls, NY
    4 cruises - 5th in Feb
    Smooth Sailing to all</HTML>
  18. jhagen

    jhagen Guest

    <HTML>Happy New Year from Orange Park ,Florida. (Just South of Jacksonville)</HTML>
  19. Bernadette

    Bernadette Guest

    <HTML>Hi -

    Bernadette from Eastern Massachusetts. 38 days and counting until my Cruise on the Explorer.

    Happy & Safe New Year to everyone.</HTML>
  20. puddn

    puddn Guest

    <HTML>This is great!! Happy new year from beautiful Denver, Colorado! 31 days and counting... Hope your year is full of wonderful surprises...and the best cruise(s) ever!</HTML>

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