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New Add-On Thread - Name That Show



[quote GloBug]The Carol Burnett Show. Was any lady ever funnier?[/quote]

And the show was even funnier when they'd crack each other up. Harvey Korman was a stitch!!!!


Hey....don't forget the Western period................Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Lawman, Rifleman, Checkmate, Big Valley..................and the spaghetti Western movies that I would never think of going to see these days!!


Mal...Soupy was my favorite! White Fang, Black Tooth, Pookie :) Back in the 50's, here in the Detroit area, he was on at lunch time. We'd watch when we came home from school for lunch.....

So many great ones already mentioned, but I have a crazy one here...

I love to watch "What's My Line" (it's on here at 3:00 AM) When they had the mystery guest, and it was someone like Ronald Reagan (he was just an "actor"), or Edward G. Robinson, or Lucy.... Often, they talk about current events at that time too, back in the 50's. All of this when there was no "politically correct", it seems strange. Also, they sit there and smoke while they do the show, can you imagine???

Then there's the Match Game...my kids love it!


Oh, Reggae, the Match Game was great. With Gene Rayburn. Soupy with the pie in his face :) Game shows I loved were Password, Pyramid and Press Your Luck!


Oh, of course, Dynasty! I loved the cat fights between Crystal and Alexis.

My old boss used to own a hot night club in LA, right next door to a night club owned by Joan Collins. Joan's didn't attract the same young lively crowd that Walter's did... he had some interesting stories about my favorite vixen.

My Mother the Car was pretty funny. Loved watching F Troop! Used to make me laugh as a little girl. And the Phil Silvers Show, my dad's favorite, so we all watched.


Karry, my kids really get a kick out of Match Game...they want to know if people really dressed like that in the 70's :lol :lol :lol