NEW Article: Amazing Eats Aboard Viking Ocean Cruises


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Within moments of our first steps aboard Viking Ocean Cruises, Viking Star, I began to wonder What are we going to eat?

Our room wouldn’t be ready until 1 pm, so we were directed to the World Cafe on Deck 7. I scoped out the buffet like the professional that I am. The custom Caesar salad drew me in.

Would I like fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano? Yes, thank you.

Fresh croutons? Yes.

How about some sardines to top it off? Of course.

This simple Caesar salad exceeded my expectations. Such simple ingredients done so well. This would soon be something we saw in all facets of our cruise aboard Viking Star and gave us a great first impression of Viking Ocean Cruises.

During our special four-night cruise, I learned firsthand that the food, ambiance, and other special touches were not just a coincidence or even good luck on my part, but they were purposely designed. Chairman of Viking Cruises Torstein Hagen made it clear when he said, “If we don’t do it well, we don’t do it at all.”

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