NEW Article: Why People Are Falling In Love With Viking Ocean Cruises


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Cruise Addicts was recently welcomed on a special four-night cruise to San Juan, Puerto Rico, aboard Viking Star, the first ship of Viking Ocean Cruises.

We flew from Tampa, Florida, and arrived in New York City on a bright sunny day. As we claimed our baggage and exited, we were greeted by Viking Cruises representatives who immediately took our baggage from us and escorted us curbside to a waiting Lincoln. Before I knew it, our bags were loaded, and I took my seat in the lovely car that would take us to the Viking Star.

We enjoyed the sites of New York City as we made our way to the ship. We drove past the United Nations building, through Central Park, and past other amazing sites. It wasn’t long before we pulled up curbside to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, and a waiting porter took our bags from us. The terminal was beautiful, and everyone was very helpful and welcoming. The check-in process was very fast and completed using just a smartphone. Moments later we got our first sight of the Viking Star. At only 47,800 GRT with 14 Decks and a guest capacity of 930, this was one of the smallest ships I have ever sailed on. As we boarded, we were given a glass of champagne to celebrate the occasion.

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