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I am sure we will have a SS booked , since price was so cheap, haven't been on Holland in almost 30 years.

We have had a SS suite on the Westerdam the first time we cruise on the Westerdam. We will like the double sinks and you will like the separate shower and bath tub . and a larger balcony is nice too.


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Calgon 1- what is the 'duck crew'? :)
Alrighty. The "Duck Crew".

The following description has been provided by our "Gem Of A TA", Mary Ann (Shipmaven), whom we lovingly refer to as 'Mama Duck' or 'Queen Quack':

Long story, and I'll try to make it short.

Our group of varying numbers used to sail with rubber chickens. First started with Judi and Mal D's chicken named Charlie who would get passed around to whoever was sailing next. On one cruise, I took him with me to North Cape on Crystal Symphony sailing from Dover, England. Knock on door at embarkation - Butler was carrying a box unmistakenly shaped like a pizza box. He placed it on the coffee table, open it for me - and there's a pizza with CORN KERNELS on top!!! Afterwards, each in our group got and named their own chicken.

Fast forward - a very dear senior couple and close friends of ours (Eleanor and John), had become wildly enthusiastic about cruising with their chicken, but sadly, Eleanor became progressively weaker on our "Alohahaha" cruise in 2001, and died two days after we returned. :bawl: We were brokenhearted at her loss. Her ashes were scattered at sea from their favorite getaway ship, Viking Serenade. The following January, we had a group (non-chicken) on Viking Serenade's final voyage. John, her DH, was aboard - I had obtained Charlie the Chicken from Judi, and at an appropriate moment, he tossed Charlie overboard in an area where Eleanor's ashes had been scattered. John became gravely ill shortly thereafter and passed away on Easter Sunday at his computer, about 15 minutes after sending us an e-mail about the Titanic. I flew out to California to deliver the eulogy, and I scattered his ashes at sea from Star Princess - again in that same area - about a month later. After that, we did not have the heart to continue with the chicken(s) they so dearly loved.

A year later, we were sailing an Inside Passage Alaska cruise round trip on Volendam. We were laughing at my sailaway cocktail party in my cabin...and it came time for dinner. Most used the powder room to freshen up, I went to the bathroom in my bedroom. I did a double take when I saw a rubber ducky sitting in the bidet next to the toilet. I washed my hands, looked over at the Jacuzzi that was half-filled with water (WITHOUT my knowledge), and began counting rubber duckies - 37 more of them. BSea Bob was in cahoots with Frick & Frack on obtaining that first batch of ducks...and it grew (exponentially) from there.

I can go on and on, but that was the birth of the Duck Crew - QUACK!

- Mama Duck

OK. Back to Calgon ...

About two years ago, SunFlower and I booked a 10-day Alaska cruise, on Princess. Our 'Gem Of A TA' had set this up as a Duck Crew Cruise and most of the old crew quickly signed up. The rest of us, who had been following the wacky adventures of the Ducks over the years (on the other board) were really looking forward to our probationary DIT ('Duck-In-Training') period. By 'wacky' I'm referring to the many (and very creative) pranks and practical jokes of the Ducks, while on cruises and when landlocked (between cruises).

During the lead up to the cruise, one other DIT and I began a repartee (sp?) on the boards. Her handle was/is 'GloBug' and it was 'all in fun' needling and teasing. At one point she and a couple of whoa-man Ducks took a shot or two, at one of the original Ducks. Seeing a chance to have some more fun, Calgon created an alter ego ... 'Enforcer Duck' - defender of 'Master' (the slighted Duck) and male Ducks throughout the flock.

GloBug, quickly siezed on the initials - 'E.D' and that I was a male type, and played it for all it was worth ...

Over time 'E.D.' has been placed in reserve. Sort of like Batman, who appears whenever male-type Ducks, anywhere, are 'dissed' by evil whoa-man Ducks, Ducklings or D.I.T.s.

Beware the omnipotent Enforcer Duck. Him takes no prisoners. Him knows karate (and a half dozen other Asian words) ...

When times are calm (i.e. - whoa-men are 'in their place'), Calgon is more of the Court Jester, because Queen Quack deserves a royal court, and every court must have a jester ...

So, there you have a brief synopsis of the 'Duck Crew". The next Duck Cruise will be on HAL's ms Veendam, 7-day, NYC/Bermuda R/T. Mama Duck is looking at the 2013 Duck Cruise being a HAL Circle Hawaii.

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What is the cost of a soda onboard?
As I mentioned in the first -- the soda card costs $25 -- and that is for $50 worth of soda -- cans only.

Each time you buy a soda with it $2.24 ($1.95 + 15%) is deducted from the value. $50/$2.24 = 22 cans, with $0.72 left over. You can use that $0.72 with $1.52 on your room key card (or another soda card) to get another can.

Calgon 1- What a fabulously touching and fun story- thanks so much for sharing with me the Duck Crew story! Enjoy your next voyage and from now on I will keep my eyes out for duckies on my future cruises! :)
Hey Krazy K, a question...

Would I be able to purchase a $50 Soda Beverage Card for $25 after embarking on the ship using onboard credit (compliments of AmEx), or do I have to buy it online beforehand with a credit card to get the discount?


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Krazy Kruizer may be off line for a while it is my understanding that she had an accident, of all things on her way to a cruise. In any event from her comment.
As I mentioned in the first -- the soda card costs $25 -- and that is for $50 worth of soda -- cans only.
If you buy a soda card which costs $25 you will receive the equivalent of $50 worth of soda by using the card. Soda cards can be purchased onboard an they will be charged to your room card, which goes onto the same account that any onboard credits are applied to, thus in a round-a-bout way yes the onboard credit that you earned by using AMX will cover the soda card plus another $25 worth of whatever you do onboard.