NEW! Buddy List / Instant Messenger Added to Chat Features



Hi, As promised an Instant Messenger has been added to our growing list of chat room features. The instant messenger will now allow you to have a private chat with any of your friends anytime. Think of it as having a community (AOL IM, Yahoo Chat, ICQ, etc). How does it work?

To add your name to the 'Buddy List' you simply click on the BUDDY LIST link. This will add your username to the userlist so others will know you are available to chat via Instant Messenger. You will see a BUDDY LIST open up on your screen. Please ALLOW POP-UPS to work via Cruise Addicts for this to work. You can also add your friends, if they are online. Set your status (Here or Away), etc. If you enter the CHAT ROOM your name will automaticly be added to the buddy list as well.

What can you do via the Instant Messenger?

You can play games one-on-one with a friend (press GAMES) when connected with a buddy. You can also have private Audio and Video Messages.

Remember, You can connect to the INSTANT MESSENGER via the Buddy List or by pressing IM under a users name while in the CHAT ROOM.

I hope you enjoy this new feature.