NEW C@ Photo Gallery Tutorials!!!

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Over the next few months red & I will be putting together tutorials on how to hopefully make the NEW C@ Photo Gallery a bit more easy to get around. :beach: This NEW Photo Gallery was added in place of the OLD One to make things a bit easier and less complicated. :scratch: On the other hand it also has some lacking features that the OLD MORE sophisticated Photo Gallery had. :bang:

It is a bit easier to use which is the MAIN reason along with site integration that it installed and replaces the OLD C@ Photo Gallery. It still does have a learning curve associated with it. :einstein: As it has NO Real Instructions on How to Use it we figured we would try and simplify some basics with Screen Grab Tutorials.

When we put together a NEW Tutorials we will add the Link to those we have already created below. Hope this helps folks out in using the NEW C@ Photo Gallery. :doubleup: Below are Links to already created tutorials.
:egyptian: Do NOT be scared to give it a try or U will NEWER know if it was REALLY that Easy or REALLY that Hard.

This C@ Site Amenity is one that MOST other internet Cruise Sites do NOT offer due to the cost associated with storage of photos. In our opinion its an amenity that sets C@ apart from the rest by allowing ALL site members to share their personal cruise experiences with the rest of the C@ Community. :sunny:

So PLEASE take some time and give it a try the next time U have Cruise or Travel Photos to share before U head off to post your cruise & travel memories somewhere else like Photo Bucket or SnapFish. :nix: We all want to experience your travels thru your camera lens in our minds. It helps pass the dreary winter days away and helps us ALL envision our Our Next getaway on the High Seas.

How to Create a Personal Album (Link Below)

How to Add Photos to your Personal Photo Album (Link Below)

How to Post Photos for the C@ Photo Gallery into your C@ Forum Posts (Link Below)

How to Post Photos into your C@ Forum Posts using the NEW Photo Posting Icon (Link Below)

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23 SEPT 2010

I would like to add that now all you Mac users can load up the pictures same as the other riff raff.

Works fine

Thanks to the elves once again...


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What a great tutorial. Just a note that the LOOK may have changed due to a minor change that should improve the look and feel of the gallery.
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