New Counter Tops


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It's still a work in progress, need tile, new handles on cabinets, refrigerator, etc, but I LOVE the new counter tops.

We went with Cambria Quartz, Canterbury is the color. For some reason my camera does not want to take a good photo with color but you can get the idea.

Here are some photos.

Here is the bar

The kitchen still in need of work

New faucet and under mount sink. The faucet seems HUGE but I think once the tile is installed it will look a lot better.



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Oh Marie, it is just BEAUTIFUL and I am so GREEN! I want one. Have you picked out your backsplash yet?


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:doubleup: VERY Nice Job indeed Marie and I am sure it will bring U MANY years of happiness. I can only hope ours turns out as good in tomorrows install. :boogie: red has worked her hands to the bones in an effort to get ready and done a fabulous job with all the pre install work. I know she is looking forward to seeing the completion and if the outcome is as nice as your looks I am pretty sure she will be a happy camper. :clap: Looking forward to seeing the tile selection as that will be the follow up process here as well. :whistle:
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Donna - dsw

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Love it! That is the kind of faucet I have now and am getting a new one! You want to just come finish my kitchen since you already have your kitchen almost done? lol Love the counter top.


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LOVE IT! And I LOVE the faucet. We had to get a new faucet and like a COMPLETE IDIOT I sent DH to the store ALONE. :bang: I thought he was going to get one like yours, but he bought and installed a "regular faucet" before I had a chance to look, so now I am "stuck" with it. Our BFF does tiling so I am anxious to see what you pick out. So far, so good! :doubleup: ENJOY! btw, I remember you were talking about your fridge. If it's in good shape, have you ever thought about having it painted? Can you do that? You can leave the handles and ice maker white and have the rest of it repainted to blend in with cabinets/counter top. If it doesn't work out, you can put it in your garage and buy a new one. WTH, might save you some $ to put towards some frozen thingys for your next cruise! :beach:


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You will LOVE your tall faucet. Makes a big diff. Your kitchen is beautiful, and I know you'll enjoy using it when it's completed.

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:doubleup: JUST Stunning...enjoy it all
.my kitchen was done in toto 2 years before we bought the house 6 years no redo for me for a *LONG* time..hope it's soon all set....:)..Joanne


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Thank you ALL for the nice compliments. I loved having coffee and breakfast there this morning.

Shipmaven, thank you for you comment. I never feel confident that I am picking out the right things but so far Jules and I have been pleased. He doesn't help with picking out anything so it's all up to me.

Niece, no backsplash picked out yet. I have found that it is best to let something like this in my home sit and then bring home some samples. Things look so different in your own lighting. Since I'm not a great decorator it takes me a while to figure out what I would like. For instance I thought I would like brushed nickel handles on the cabinets, brought them home and didn't like them at all. A friend came over and we taped over one handle with black electrical tape and I am finding I like that. Picks up the black in the counters and appliances. So back to handle shopping I go.

Einstein, I look forward to your upcoming photos. Hope all goes smoothly tomorrow.

Corky, I got lucky. The counters came with a free sink and choice of edging when I ordered.

Donna, I am still unsure about that faucet. It seems so HUGE to what we had. I am sure it's going to be great though with big pots and such.

Karry, the fridge is around 13-14 years old so it's time to just bite the bullet and buy a new one. I'm afraid if I did something like paint it I would come home and it would be laying on it's side gasping the next day.

I was hoping to go tile looking tomorrow but Ashley has decided to take me car shopping instead. Gee, I am so NOT looking forward to that at all.