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New Dining Room Breakfast Menu

Krazy Kruizers

Holland America Specialist
New Dining Room Breakfast Menu (Also in the Pinnacle for Deluxe Suite Passengers)

Something Simple:
Cold Cereals: Cornflakes - Cherrios - Special K - Raisin Bran - Shredded Wheat - Rice Krispies - Frosted Flakes - Fruit loops - Granola - All Bran - Bran Flakes -- served with your choice of milk -- add sliced banana on request.

Breakfast Parfait - layers of creamy Greek yogurt, fresh berries and granola

Hot Cereals: Old-Fashioned Oatmeal - Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal - Cream of Wheat - Creamy Grits -- served with sliced banana, raisins, brown sugar, maple syrup, milk, or half & half on request

Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich - scrambles egg and Cheddar cheese served on a toasted English muffin. Add sausage patty, hickory smoked bacon or ham slice on request.

Bagel and Lox - a freshly toasted bagel served with slices of cold smoked salmon, cream cheese, sliced onion and capers.

Greenhouse Spa Selections:
Cottage Cheese and Fresh Fruit - a small bowl of creamy cottage cheese lightly dusted with cinnamon, served with your choice of sliced banana, strawberries, blueberries or diced melon.

Swiss-Style Muesli - a mixture of low fat yogurt, fresh fruit, milk, toasted hazel-nuts, oatmeal and honey.

Frittata Italiana - healthy without sacrificing flavor, egg whites combined with low-fat cream cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil, then lightly baked and served with whole grain toast.

International Classics:
All American Breakfast - two jumbo eggs, cooked to order, served with hash browns, hickory smoked bacon or sausage and toast.

Eggs Benedict - toasted English muffins, layered with Canadian bacon, two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

Eggs Royal - toasted English muffins, smoked salmon and two poached eggs with creamy hollandaise sauce.

Eggs Florentine - toasted English muffins, topped with sauteed spinach and two poached eggs draped with hollandaise sauce.

Corned Beef Hash and Eggs - home-made corned beef hash topped with two eggs cooked to order and served with a side of toast.

Kippered Herring - served with two scrambled eggs and smothered onions.

Dutch Breakfast - the Uitmijter, a classic open-faced sandwich with thick white bread, sliced ham, Gouda, and two eggs sunny side up.

Japanese Breakfast - hot miso soup, steamed white rice, tamagoyaki and boiled salmon served with a cup of hot green tea.

The Full English Breakfast - two jumbo eggs scrambled, English banger sausage, English back bacon, baked beans, hash browns and a grilled half tomato.

Scandinavian Breakfast - smoked salmon and pickled herring, served with hard-boiled egg and slices of dark rye bread.

Three Egg Omelets:
All omelets are served with hash browns and toast. Egg whites or egg substitute available on request.

Denver Omelet - green bell pepper, onion, ham and a mixture of Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Swiss cheese.

Garden Vegetable Omelet - tender asparagus, sauteed spinach, diced tomato and sliced button mushrooms with creamy goat cheese.

Southwest Omelet - diced sweet roasted bell peppers, tomato, green onion, and Monterey Jack cheese, topped with avocado, sour cream and fresh salsa.

My Choice Omelet - build your own omelet with any of the following: ham, bacon, sausage, smoked salmon, mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, asparagus, Cheddar, Jack, Swiss, goat or Gruyere cheese.

Hot Off the Griddle:
Belgium Waffle - thick, crisp Belgium waffle topped with your choice of warm strawberries, apple-cinnamon or plum compote.

Cinnamon-Sugar French Toast - thick slices of egg bread French toast, dusted with cinnamon-sugar. Served with whipped butter and hot maple syrup.

Stack of Pancakes - three fluffy pancakes stacked high. your choice of buttermilk, banana or blueberry. Served with whipped butter and hot maple syrup.

From the Bakery: toast - English Muffin - Bagel - Roll

Baked Fresh Daily: Butter Croissant - Chocolate Croissant - Raisin Bun - Cheese Danish - Fruit Danish - Danish of the Day - Blueberry Muffin - Muffin of the Day - Coffee Cake. Served with butter, margarine, jam, jelly honey, Nutella or cream cheese on request. Fresh baked sugar-free pastries upon request.

On the Side:
Hickory Smoked Bacon - English Bangers - Pork Sausage Links or Patty - Carved Honey Glazed Ham - Corned Beef Hash - Turkey Bacon - Turkey Sausage links - Morningstar Farms Vegi Links - Hash Browns.

Fruits and Yogurts: Fresh Fruit Plate - Half Grapefruit - Sliced Banana - Stewed Prunes, Apricots or Kadota Figs - Assorted Yogurts

Beverages: Coffee - Tea - Decaffeinated Coffee and Tea - Whole, Low Fat and Skim Milk - Chocolate Milk - Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice - Apple Juice - Cranberry Juice - Grapefruit juice - Grape Juice - Pineapple Juice - Prune Juice - Tomato Juice - V-8

Krazy Kruizers

Holland America Specialist
We ate every morning in the Pinnacle -- so many choices.

DH is lucky -- this is the only time he can break his healthy food diet (because of heart) -- orders big meals every morning and never gains a pound.