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New Fees on HAL

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by Joan, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. Joan

    Joan Guest

    My agent has informed me that, in addition to charging $15 per person per meal in the Pinnacle Restaurant and limiting the menu selection in the dining room, HAL will now be adding a surcharge to certain items on the dining room menu, such as shrimp/

    What is happening?

  2. cruzman

    cruzman Guest

    I don't know who your agent is but my TA says that he speaks an untruth. Suggest you email HAL directly with the name of the individual perpetrating this tripe.
  3. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Rumor mill???? TA's are not always totally accurate. We just returned from two cruises on Amsterdam and ate more than our share of shrimp....No bill!!

    Like to know what his/her "authority on the subject" is.
  4. Thulewx

    Thulewx Guest

    This person has been posting this message on all the boards and still hasn't given one bit of backup proof - I'm pretty sure it's a troll trying to stir things up against HAL....
  5. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Yes, Thulewx....I have seen it posted on several boards.
  6. Frank Black

    Frank Black Guest

    I just got off the Statendam this morning. Other than the $15 at erhe P. Grill, there were no odd charges. They charge for soda at ,eals, but capocino is free.
  7. We are booked on the Zaandam in Oct. /03, we got a very good price, it that because of the new charges and maybe other cuts in service. Did we make a mistake?
  8. cruzman

    cruzman Guest

    Borden and Monica, I just returned from a cruise on the Zaandam and there are no such charges; may I repeat, NO SUCH CHARGES!!!!! Suggest you read my review posted on this board if you think that maybe you made a mistake; might make you feel better (Zaandam 12/14/02 sailing).
  9. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Borden and Monica.....what new charges? There aren't any new charges?

    We just returned from back-to-backs on Amsterdam and we did not encounter ANY NEW charges.

    Enjoy your cruise. Zaandam is a great ship.
  10. Thank you for your responses. I checked with my TA and she says she has no such information either. I have read your review cruzman and am encouraged by it. We are very much looking forward to this cruise. We have been to the ports that this cruise is going to before, but I just enjoy cruising, I don't care very much where it's going. My wife likes both of the ports, likes the shopping, I think that's why we only go every two years or so.
  11. Karen H.

    Karen H. Guest

    I'm a TA & was on the Zuiderdam inaugural in December. While on board, we were treated to lots of information. Most of the specialty restaurants will be having a $20 additional charge in the future, but there will be no charges in the dining room, except for bar items. The Zuiderdam also has an additional charge for their Windjammer coffee bar. This has mochas, cappacinos, ice cream treats, and pastries, all at additional charge. If your TA is not sure, ask her to contact her DSM.
  12. debbie g

    debbie g Guest

    i was just on the veendam no charges for shrimp though my liquor bill was large but that was my choice i have never been charges for any shrimp just a bad rumor...kruise53@aol.com
  13. Lindy

    Lindy Guest

    I am a TA and have called HAL twice on the subject. On the second call I spoke with
    customer service and was told that all the alternative restaurants were in the process
    of raising the price to $20.00. As for the charge for a shrimp cockltail when it is not on the menu for the evening it is sthe discretion of the chef. It will be different from ship to ship, she said to tell the people on the boards to ask your waiter whether there would be a charge.

    The last cruise I was on in November I noticed quite a few people around me asking for
    the shrimp and escargot nightly. It used to be a select few that would ask for things off the menu, I would guess it has gotten quite out of hand. The same with people eating 3 helpings of lobster.
  14. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    We once heard a table of six demand "caviar"....every night. Standing order!!!
    They had probably never had caviar before in their lives but thought this was some sort of "high brow" thing it would be cool to Demand....

    They probably ate more in caviar than they paid for their whole cruise.

    What is the ship/Chef to do with boors like this? What about the tables next to them; they want it too?
  15. stargazerm31

    stargazerm31 Guest

    That is not to be believed about the standard dining room menu.
  16. Here is the FACTS:
    Yes they are charging $20 per person to dine in the Alternative Restaurants.
    They (HAL) are changing all the Alternative Restaurants into Steak House's.
    If you ask for something not on that Nights Menu you can be charged for it.

    I talked to ship services at HAL for this info, the person I talked to didn't sound like they liked this change also. So they said to Write and E-Mail HAL and tell them what you think and they may change or not change or charge.
    I think if they are going to change the service they give, and turn into there parent company, I will book with that line to save money or change lines.

  17. stargazerm31

    stargazerm31 Guest

    I agree that you should be charged if you abuse something. Asking for Lobster or shrimp everynight is not the same as asking for mashed potatos. I never ask for anything that isn't on the menu. I may get multiple items in some categories, but I don't do that every night.
  18. ANSAlberg

    ANSAlberg Guest

    The sad thing here is that the greedy people [ CAVIAR EVERY NIGHT? 3 Lobster tails? Two entrees frequently?] have spoiled what was a GRAND experience before -reserved only for the very wealthy. Moderation MIGHT have saved it all.
    People who want to book an inside guarantee? Then are unhappy because they diidn't get a balcony [never mind the Penthouse suite!]
    Cruising is a business. WE, as passengers, need to respect that.
  19. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Ann :thumb
  20. Here is a good one to add to the Facts:
    They HAL are talking/going to charge for Coffeee at the Coffee Bar?
    Start writing the letters, or they are going to charge to use the pool soon, I sure hope HAL is not reading this or they may just do this.

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