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Hi y'all from Leon and Jacquie in beautiful Tulsa, Oklahoma, except right now we're in Jackson Hole, which is LOT'S more beautiful.


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Hello from Snardy

Hi there! Is there a rollcall for Carnival Liberty Oct 31 - Nov 7,09?
Just wondering if Halloween is celebrate aboard ship and if so, are you going to dress in costume? Thanks!


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Hi from Hooked for a hotel outside of Cincinnati Ohio. Actually from the South Shore of Lake Ontario (Huron NY) in the Summer and Sarasota Florida in the winter.

Donna - dsw

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Hey everyone - sorry I am brining up the rear here - been on a short 4 day cruise! Donna - dsw and Jim from Amherst, Ohio - about 35 miles west of Cleveland!
Hi from Cloverdale, British Columbia, Canada ... but usually I say Vancouver - it's easier to find on a map! Just back from a 5 night cruise on Norwegian Pearl and I will write a review shortly. We had a wonderful cruise and now have to think about what to do in February while the Olympics are on here in our city! So many places to choose from ... so few dollars to spend .... sigh. Laurey (and Ian)