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New Orleans Hotel

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by ShannonB, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. ShannonB

    ShannonB Guest

    Does anyone know of a hotel in New Orleans with parking/shuttle service to the peir? THANKS
  2. kathyG

    kathyG Guest

    If you want free parking you will probly have to stay out as far as Kenner. I think I saw someone mention earlier on a thread or on one of the reviews that they stayed at the La Quinta in Kenner.
  3. PLG

    PLG Guest

    I called holiday Inn, Quality Innand Days Inn in N.O. and they do not offer free parking and they do not offer shuttle survice. We usually find if we stay in one of these that they offer free air port shuttles and often other shuttle services, but my travels are limited and often involove places like detroit and chicago. Not much help, call their toll free numbers of different motels and hotels. Good luck!!
  4. beej

    beej Guest

    Shannon, I don't know about parking since we fly into NOLA, but shuttle service from the airport is very reasonable. The Wingate is very reasonable at the airport. We are sailing May 1 and are paying $59.00 for the night and breakfast in the morning. You might check with them for longterm parking. Check with the pier for parking also. Priceline is doing a good job for hotels. If you put in garden district, 4 star hotel and a bid of about $50.00 you should be okay.. If I see something in my surfing travels I'll let you know. By the way, when are you sailing. That could alter amounts.
  5. kwmasterson

    kwmasterson Guest

    I stayed at the La Quinta Downtown...it was inexpensive...close to all the action...and provided a shuttle to the port whivh was fairly close. Unfortunately, I am not sure about parking.


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