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New Princess Drink Policy??

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Wingman54, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Wingman54

    Wingman54 Guest

    Hi Gang,

    I'll bet I haven't posted here for 4 years or more..... I had to re-register my username!!=docdance

    Anyway, I read in one of my later editions of Conde Nast that Princess now allows one to bring onboard with them, unlimited bottled water and favorite sodas.
    However, the wine/champagne limit has been dropped to one bottle/person.
    Any truth to these reports??:S
    Also, when I called Pricess on the phone about the "soda card", the person on the other ended spoke like she never heard of it!!
    OK folks......... set me straight!!

    Many Thx!!
  2. 12Cats

    12Cats Guest

    We took sodas and water with us last year to have in the cabin and there were no problems with this (also bought more in one of the ports and brought those back without a problem) - and plan to take them again on Saturday when we board the Golden. Even though we took our own on, two of our party also bought soda cards (last year were $27.50 I think for the 7 day cruise) because they wanted to drink sodas with their meals, while out on deck, in the casino etc. and they were worth the money.

    Don't know about the change in wine limits - we don't drink a lot of wine - but we did take some whiskey in a travel bottle!

  3. JES

    JES Guest

    Called Princess.
    They confirmed that the limit is 1 bottle of wine per passenger for carryon without regard to the length of the cruise.

    (hmmmmmmmmm.............do the make you drink the excess prior to boarding?).

    Corkage is $15US in the dining rm.

    I suspect they feel that if you want to drink wine in your cabin and you're limited to 1 bottle; when you run out you'll go to the bar. Silly rule. You can buy what you want at each port.
  4. JES

    JES Guest

    I did a quick review of the Princess Passenger Contract on the P. websie.
    Only picked up 2 key pts.
    1. can only bring wine onboard; no booze.
    2. if you bring Duty Free wine on board, it will be held until you disembark.

    No mention of a bottle limit or any other restriction if it's Not Duty Free.
  5. Bobbie

    Bobbie Guest

    It is one bottle of wine per person. Not sure exactly where it's printed, but it's there somewhere in the small print.

    If you buy wine onshore in a port and bring it onboard, will they confiscate it? I've never tried it, but it's a good idea if you want to bring more than 1 bottle per person. (I know they'll take your hard liquor.)
  6. 240BWH

    240BWH Guest

    Do they allow you to bring beer on board? If you don't drink wine, I would assume that we can bring the beer on board.
  7. Bobbie

    Bobbie Guest

    I don't think beer is allowed. Anyone else know?
  8. JES

    JES Guest

    The contract specifically mentions just Wine and Champagne.

    "...Passengers hereby agree not to bring alcoholic beverages of any kind (except wine and champagne) on board for consumption. You must surrender alcoholic beverages that are purchased duty free from the ship’s gift shop, or at ports of call, to Carrier for safekeeping, which will be delivered to Your stateroom on the last day of the voyage. A corkage fee of $15.00 per bottle (which is subject to change without notice) will be applied to wine and champagne brought aboard by You and consumed in the ship’s restaurants...."

    I've no idea what's actually enforced.
  9. tutak

    tutak Guest

    [quote JES]
    "...You must surrender alcoholic beverages that are purchased duty free from the ship’s gift shop, or at ports of call, to Carrier for safekeeping, which will be delivered to Your stateroom on the last day of the voyage..."[/quote]

    Isn't it nice that Princess keeps your liquor safe? I guess the safekeeping is necessary so that none of the crew steals your liquor from your cabin.
  10. Wingman54

    Wingman54 Guest

    Thx for the input folks......... pretty much like I thought.
    C'mon 10/14!!:)P)
  11. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    I never thought about it at the time but....

    When we cruised with the AMIGOs in April Princess had already introduced the one bottle of wine per person rule. We, and at least 2 other couples that I know of, positively carried onboard 3 bottles of wine per person in our hand carried luggage. No one said a single word. My feeling on this is if you want wine in your room carry it aboard and just be prepared to know that if they decide to enforce the rule you just might have to carry it off the ship as well!
  12. Karry

    Karry Guest

    Sorry to be late on this, but I was planning to post a similar question. We are going on Princess for only the 2nd time next month. I drink wine spritzers. But I have to have the drink made "my own special way." :grin I buy a huge 4L bottle of Carlo Rossi white chablis and mix it with Sprite (or any other kind of lemon lime soda) If they allow 1 bottle of wine/pp is the 4L bottle going to be okay? And it's a screw top bottle. Are they going to charge me $15 as corkage fee to take it on the ship?
  13. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    :wave..there is NO CORKAGE fee for the wine /champagne in your room Karry..we bring a corkscrew with us.. and since you have a screw top.. it does not need one..

    a corkage fee is for any bottle brought TO THE DINING ROOM / OR LOUNGES YOU BRING.... and a waiter needs to open it- for you.....therefore anything IN your room is exempt from the fee...Cheers...:)..Joanne
  14. Karry

    Karry Guest

    Thanks, Joanne, now are they going to go bonkers when they see that HUGE bottle of wine? I don't think that's exactly the "one bottle/pp" they were referring to! :clown
  15. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    =lolgang.. Um Karry.. they said "bottle".. and yours IS a bottle.. so guess they can just peddle their papers, and go away ...hehehe.. =twobeer. and enjoy Tootsie.. sigh.. Mark, and I would love to cruise with you and DH sometime along....so many cruises.. money, money money..we just have to Hit Power Ball sooner rather than later...AS IF!!...:lol..hugs..Joanne
  16. George C

    George C Guest

    I put the extra wine or booze in checked luggage and never had problem on any line , did Crown in May 2007, Princess didn't even look at the carry on when we went on board.
  17. Karry

    Karry Guest

    Joanne, I hear you! We have the 2 cruises booked, but don't know what we are going to do after that! I told DH we are going to have to start thinking about this the end of October when we get back from Crown. I told him to start playing the lottery! We live so close to the cruise terminal in NYC and Bayonne and now Brooklyn also that it is so easy and much cheaper for us because we rarely have to pay for flights or hotel rooms pre-cruise. I know how lucky I am! We'll see what Princess has to say about my wine bottle. They just might make a sign: Beware: Carnival cruiser aboard :)
  18. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    We have brought local specialities beers onboard while in each port with NO problem. Now its only a 6 pack but NOT an eyelash was batted. Now if we had tried bringing a case onboard it may have been a different story. Our experience has been that Princess has ALWAYS been fair with their practices of confiscation as LONG as it was NOT abused. :thumb Of course now I guess we have to debate whats abuse and whats NOT??? :cool:


  19. 240BWH

    240BWH Guest

    I have had the same experience on RCI and Princess. Purchased a 6 pack of beer, carried it on in the brown paper bag that it was purchased in, went through the scanner and know one asked to hold until we were home! I was prepared to have taken away until we disembarked. Both of these cruises were to Alaska.
  20. cherrybomb

    cherrybomb Guest

    We're sailing on the Golden on the 20th. What's the best way to bring a bottle or two of rum in my checked luggage? Should I keep it in the small plastic bottle it comes in, or put it in something to disguise it?

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