NEW SITE STYLE - How do you like our NEW Look?


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Now this is what I call classy and even "up-town" The constant improvements to this site make it a very interesting place to visit and then stay because you enjoy all the topics and comments.

Glo! You made my day with your kind words and observations. Thank you very much. :)

Gayle V

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Hi Krazy Kruzers. How long was that post? I tend to be wordy when I answer posts, so if the character limit is short on replies, it'll be helpful to be forwarned. Did you try posting it in two shorter posts, to see if that would work?


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Functionality has not changed, and Tobyn since you are dysfunctional anyway you won't notice any change ....... here, I'll do it for you. :hammer:

Only major changes are the locations of some of the tabs and links but everything else should be pretty much what everybody is used to. well
except for the looks, I guess that is a major change....................


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I like it. Thanks for all the work you do, John. I do agree about the font being a bit small, tho. The only thing I don't like which has nothing to do with the new look, is that I have not gotten an e-mail notification that a thread I posted to has additional posts. But this has been happening for over a year. :doubledown: Good job, John! :thankyou: