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The bottom line is smoking is bad for everyones health. Smokers, and non smokers. I am not a smoker. I hate it, and I think its disgusting. I am sure this opinion will not be well received by many, but I cant tell you how happy I am a cruise line is finally doing this. I know a lot smokers are considerate but there are many that are not. I as a non smoker should not have to be subjected to cigarette smoke. Its bad for my health, and thats a proven fact. I shouldnt have to hold my breath as I walk behind someone smoking. It should be banned completely from everywhere. They are pretty sure thats what caused the fire on the star princess. I heard someone once tell me that its a free country, and you should be able to smoke wherever, and thats crap. Its against the law to cause bodily harm to an individual, so what does smoking do. The second hand smoke is harmful. I should not have to be subjected to that. I was on the Paradise when it was a non smoking cruise ship. Great time on board and it was sold out. Smokers everywhere better start to wake up and realize that in about 5-10 years you wont be able to smoke anywhere, and thats fanatastic. Cant wait, and hopefully its sooner rather than later. Bravo RCI. Hopefully Carnival will follow suit.


I have found this thread very interesting. Sure is strong feelings on both sides.

I quit for what I hope is the last time 14 months ago. DH has been smoke free since around the 1st of June. I feel for both sides on this. When I smoked we didn't smoked in our house or my car. DH did smoke in his truck. After being smoke free for 14 months I can smell it on others but I try very hard not be a bad ex smoker.

I wanted to quit for a long time as I could tell the world was becoming very unfriendly to smokers. I was in the minority with family and friends and well, most of them don't smoke. It was getting very costly and I knew it was not healthy. I had major surgery in May of '06 and decided that those 2 1/2 days I was hospitalized and couldn't smoker was a great way to get over the nicotine withdrawal. I joke and tell people who ask how I quit, Morphine! LOL DH tried the auricular therapy, didn't work. Went to our doctor and got the drug Chantix and has stopped. One of my agents has been smoke free for about 3 weeks now with the Chantix as well.

We do go to casinos and what bothers me the most I have noticed, is not a person next to me smoking but the person who lets it burn in the ashtray. If you're going to smoke that cigarette, smoke it! I have noticed that the burners keep one lit more than the smokers. Seems like they keep one burning all the time so it is ready for when they want a puff. I don't say anything, if it gets too annoying I just move on to somewhere else. Penance I guess, for when I was a smoker and probably annoyed someone else.

On our cruise we only smoked on the balcony, never in the cabin. Didn't smoke in hotel rooms either. But I would not of liked being able not to sit on our balcony and smoke. I really don't know how it would of affected our decision to book a cruise. I think we would of still booked even if we would of had to leave the room and smoke somewhere else.

Illinois just passed a smoking ban effective January 1st. People will no longer be able to smoke within 15 feet of restaurants, bars or casinos. I figure the casinos will build a very nice smoking place outside for the smokers just like someone mentioned here. I am thinking of going to a casino in Illinois for NYE just to see how they are going to do this after midnight. Should be interesting! Does anyone know how any other casinos did this when they went non smoking?

Just rambling here I guess. I really do see the issue from both sides and respect the opinions of all.


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HOw timely...I just got a call today for a video my boss may be in and they mentioned the Heather Crowe videographers....I hadn't seen this film, though I knew her through commercials. Thanks Hucc!


If the cruiselines were American owned, I would agree that they would probably eventually go smoke-free, which sadly would mean that I would no longer cruise. But since they are not American owned.....I don't see that happening. Yes, they make make more restrictions, but I don't think they will ever make the smoke-free. Did you know you can still smoke on Aeromexico (not an American owned airline).....and drink free!


I just got a letter from my health insureance company. They are now charging smokers extra for their insurance. I have to sign a form saying I do not smoke to avoid being charged. Good for them!


I just saw all the grammer mistakes in my post above.....either it has been a long day...or I need a cigarette! :lol


How about smoking is allowed in cabins and balconies on one side, say the port side and not on the starboard side? That way those that want to smoke can and those that dont want to smell it from one cabin over won't. And having one smoke free lounge seems fair. After reading the responses, it seems it is the cabins and suites that most folks are upset about.


One of my friends that I do some traveling with is a smoker. She doesn't smoke in her home, but she does in her car and in hotel rooms. I have yet to figure out why she can go outside at home or to the garage but not when shes is at a hotel. I tolerate it the best I can but at times it can make travel a little uncomfortable for me, the non smoker. She even comments often when we are in a hotel room, how stale and down right "stinky" the room is and it's nothing more than old smoke smell. When I travel I am usually very careful what I take because everything has to be washed when I get home, weather I wear it or not, because it's saturated with smoke. Even my luggage, gets the "fabreeze" bath. I do believe that smokers have rights, but so do the non smokers. Sometimes I just don't think the smokers realize how uncomfortable it is for others to have to breath the smoke. I grew up in a house of smokers and I have never even tried one because of the smell.
I can see that this thread will be on going as everyone has their own opinion of this subject. I do feel like many others, Smoke Free will soon be there Rule, not the exception.