New Tipping Guidelines Help?


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I know that the new guidelines of ~$11/day went into effect last month. However, I don't see any clarification on additional people in the cabin. In days of old, kids in a cabin were 1/2 the amount of the adult.
On our upcoming cruise, our kids are back in a cabin with us (ain't that a reflection on the economy!) instead of in thier own cabin, and I'm wondering if our 5-year old tips the cabin steward the same as mom and dad nowadays.
Anyone know for certain?


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Hi Randy,

This is usually a lively topic of discussion. A lot of different opinions on this one.

If you add pre-paid gratuities or have them added to your on board account, Royal Caribbean does not distinguish by age of the guest. Why should they really?

This is my opinion on the subject. Some agree and some disagree.

When you really think about it, does the cabin steward use less energy and experience making a bed slept in by a five year old rather than a 50 year old? No. Actually the uppers are more difficult to make than the lowers. Kids get fresh towels every day just like the grown ups. The kids' food is served by a waiter and the dishes cleared by the assistant waiter just like the grown ups. In some cases (although not always) kids make a bigger mess than grown ups. I always tip based on the level and amount of service provided. Kids get the same great service as the grown ups so IMHO the tip should be the same.

Here are Royal Caribbean's tipping guidelines from their web site.

Our suggested gratuity guidelines take in account our crew members that work hard to provide and maintain the highest level of service while sailing the high seas. Whether working behind the scenes or serving your evening meal, our staff and crew make sure you enjoy every moment spent onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

The daily amounts below have been calculated with this in mind. For new bookings that set sail on or after July 1, 2011, the suggested gratuities are:

Waiter:$3.75 USDa day per guest
Assistant Waiter:$2.15 USDa day per guest
Head Waiter:$.75 USDa day per guest
Stateroom Attendant/Other Housekeeping Services:$5.00 USDa day per guest
Suite Attendant/Other Housekeeping Services:$7.25 USDa day per guest

Gratuities are voluntary and at the discretion of each guest. These guidelines serve as suggestions to help guest express their gratitude for the outstanding service they experience on their Royal Caribbean cruise vacation.

Note: These gratuities apply to guests of all ages. (emphasis added is mine) Gratuities for other service personnel are at your discretion. A 15% gratuity will automatically be added to any purchases in the bar, dining room, spa services and salon services.


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Thanks to all. We've been used to tipping at the 'adult rate' since they've been in different cabins, but remember when they were wee, the rules for the cabin attendant (not the waiter) were different. Always appreciated the way the cabin steward put up the crib, but similarly resented paying full cruise fare for the little ones when we had to haul the formula or baby food for all their meals! Anyone else remember when infants traveled for the cost of the taxes? Ah...the days of steam...LOL!