New to Celebrity Summit and have questions.....

My extended family and I are going on the Celebrity Summit in July 13 to Bermuda. None of us have sailed on Celebrity before. What is the ship like? Any tips? Are there plenty of lounge chairs for all guests? Sightseeing in Bermuda? Is Bermuda safe at night? Thanks for any help!


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Welcome aboard here.

The Summit is one of Celebrity's M class ships. My favorite class actually...other than the Century which is presently their oldest ship and smallest.
Lounge chairs around the pool will be in demand if the weather going and coming to & from Bermuda is good. I have not sailed this ship but if others in it's class are an example you may have to "look" for chairs on occasion. There is sometimes an issue with "Chair Hogs" seek out assistance from a pool buttler. While docked I don't think it will be any problem..most folks will be ashore then.
I have not sailed any of the M class since they were upgraded (Solstisized as it were) rooms have been added and several different dining opportunities added. (at extra cost mind you) You might want to do one of those as a treat but you should find the main dining room just fine. I have heard that the extra pax on the ships have made little difference over all.

Tips. hmmm. I really like the 4 water spouts on the corners of the T pool. The water beating on my neck makes life's worries disappear. That pool is very relaxing in itself. It is enclosed however. The Aqua Spa cafe is also a great place to grab lunch or breakfast if you are into light and fast. Just down the hall from the Tpool.

Bermuda is a very nice spot. Best Island that I've been too. A bit expensive of course. When I was there it was too cold for me to swim or use the beaches but that was March. Should be fine for you guys. They looked great. and yes the sand ccan be pink in places.

The best deal is the Transit passes. I believe you can get them online or at least check them out. The buses are fun and easy but the Small ferries are the way to get around. Maps and routes are pretty easy to figure out. Hamilton is the biggest place and very tourista friendly. All the people were friendly and extremely helpful.

Saftey anywhere away from home could be an issue but Bermuda even after dark seemed friendly to us and we had no concerns.

Great Irish pub on main street of Hamilton upstairs from their cruise dock.

If you are into scooters they are available for rent everywhere. BUT you need to be careful. Other scooters being driven by tourists are your enemy. The locals know what they are doing. :)

You will dock sort of in the middle of nowhere so the Transit system and learning the system would be my number one tip.


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Am going this May 11 to Bermuda on the Summit. Had planned to rent an ebike but am hearing so many safety issues. Are they dangerous even if you stay away from Hamilton? Are the pools on the Summit warm enough to swim in May? To go from your room to the pool are there supplied house costs or is there some sort of assumed clothing custom?

As far as the Summit I am very prone to sea sickness, and I mean very. There is the Transderm patch which works for 3 days. I assume once docked in Bermuda it wouldn't be needed?

Are the South Shore Beaches far from where the ship docks? Would renting an ebike just to go to them be ok?

T-pool enclosed? Is this the salt water pool? Is it heated? What about the outdoor pool?

This may sound crazy but is there a resort with a pool that one could go to for the day in a Bermuda? Swimming in the ocean is ok but we actually prefer pools and palm trees!