new to cruising and would like info.

Me and my wife are taking a seven day royal cruise the first week in April. Our first stop is labadee, Haiti then to Falmouth,Jamiaca then the Caymen Islands and our final stop is Cozumel, Mexico. I would like any comments on thias trip from cruisers that may have taken this cruise in the past. Weather, beaches to visit, ect........

Thanks for your comments otfd660:biggrin:
Hi otfd660. My DW and I haven't been to falmouth or labadee. However we've been to cozumel and caymen islands. Caymen Islands at georgetown is a tendering port, which means a small vessel (they can hold around 100 or so people) takes you from the ship to the shore. On shore , we head to seven mile beach. This is a long beautiful sandy beach with opportunities to rent loungers and unbrella's from vendors. Cozumel is great for snorkelling and some beaches. I've found the beaches have alot of sea grass, so that is why we concentrate on snorkelling at the money bar. It is free to enter and use the facilities as long as your going to purchase lunch and drinks from them. Chanakaab is another spot to get great snorkelling.

The weather should be warm in april . I've been there in January and the temperature was around 80.


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welcome otdf660 i hope you enjoy your stay here. I have not be to either labadee or falmouth. from what i've read of Labadee it is a private resort island RCCL created to snare more of it's passengers money. Perhaps others here can give more detailed info. as for falmouth i have no info other than you may want to stick to the tourist center in Jamaica, as i have read reports that there have been some criminal acts against people from cruises from time to time. at any rate, be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to the local peoples if you venture out. Grand Cayman is a great beach/shopping day. there are limited attractions/activities at this port unless you dive. the two most prominent attractions are the turtle farm, and stingray city. couldn't find a link for stingray city, but i did find this . Seven mile beach is a really nice beach to spend the day if you choose, there are plenty of dining possibilities near/on the beach as well.

cozumel is a nice shopping/dining port. the city center in san miguel is full of shops and restaurants. Peersonally , i rented a car and drove the island myself(kinda hard to get lost on such a small island). There are many resorts and attractions at this port. alot of people seem to like chankanaab park. you can swim with dolphins, stingrays... spend the day at the beach, shop, etc. there are dive shops, mayan ruins of san gervasio, and el caracol. i have always found this a fun port, and have found something different to do each time i've been. if you want to research more about each of your ports of call i would suggest using it is a very helpful site to research places of interest. there are user reviews which canbe helpful in making your decisions.

I hope you have a great cruise, and come back and share it with us. :camera::beach::cheer:


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I have only been on a Caribbean cruise once a couple of weeks ags, to three of the ports you are going to.
As it was my first time in the Caribbean I don't know all that is there to see. So much to choose from!

In Cozumel I did a bus tour to Tulum to see the Mayan ruins and to visit a beach. Tulum is said to have some of the nicest beaches in Caribbean (don't know if that is true though). As it is on mainland Mexico there was a ferry ride before entering the bus. It was a great tour, interesting to see the Mayan ruins (maybe not the most impressive site, but really nice) and the beach was amazing.

The Mayan site in Tulum is close to a beach.

This is a beach a few miles from the Mayan site.

In Grand Caymen I took a catamaran and snorkel tour. It was really nice and relaxing.

I'm sure you will have a great time!

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