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New website about the Voyager class

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RCCL Design Webmaster

Dear Royal Caribbean lovers,

I am proud to announce today the long awaited launching of my new website, RCCL Design ( http://www.rccldesign.com ).

This webring is entirely dedicated to the Royal Caribbean fleet and its design. It includes 3 websites :

- the largest personal website dedicated to the Voyager class ever : "Voyager-class ships"
- a website displaying my own pictures, called "My photo albums"
- a website about the cruise ship I designed on my own, soon to be opened (probably in early september)

I am aching to read your comments about it. Please feel free to express yourself in the guestbook or in this board. You can also email me at webmaster@rccldesign.com

Enjoy your visit!

Note : chaque site dispose d'une version en francais!

Chris Letourneau

Very nice web site. Can you be persuaded to do something for the RCCL Radiance Class of ships?

RCCL Design Webmaster

Hi Chris,

Unfortunately I'm afraid I'll have no time to do it again for the Radiance class, though I love these ships. I do think they are better than the Voyager class ships... but only when it comes to exterior design (of course).

Thanks for your comments. I'm waiting for other visitors!




As a Royal Caribbean fan, it's nice to see a web page like yours. Also was very impressed with your links. Great work!



<http://www.rccldesign.com >

Magnifique! -(did I spell that right?) You have done a great job Romain! I will enjoy returning to and spending more time surfing your site - thank you for sharing. We have not yet sailed on this class ship - but we will one day I'm sure.


Also please submit it to the links section so that it doesn't get lost over time.
It is nice to see a site posted that is for the love of ships and cruising rather than for some form of promotional value.

Welcome to Cruise @ddicts

RCCL Design Webmaster

Thanks to all of you for this feedback.

I hope my website will convince some of you that are still afraid by the huge size of the Voyager class ships to cruise on one of them.

I've been visiting Cruise @ddicts for 2 or 3 years now, but I was mostly interested in the picture section rather than the other sections. I must say I am pretty new to this board & community. I had't even realized you could add a link to the links page! Thanks bOB for the advice.

And cruzqueen, you spelled magnifique perfectly!


PS : Could one of you please tell me what this thing about "Ch@os 1/9/03" is?


Ah, my very favorite ships in the whole wide world!!! We sailed on the maiden voyage of the Voyager, 4th voyage of the Adventure, and hope to add the Navigator next year. On my way now to check out your web site. Thanks!

Little Irene

Wow, that is a great site, and I love that it is dedicated to RCCL's Voyager, she's wonderful, and we'll sail her again in 3 weeks!


Checked out the site, and it is splendid. Some of the best photos anywhere also. Quite an undertaking for that young man, and we benefit from a lot of work.

Thank you Romain!!!!!!!


Wonderful website Romain. Thanks for sharing with Cruise @ddicts. The Voyager-class ships are my favorites. Can't wait to sail on one again.

RCCL Design Webmaster

Thanks to all of you for these comments!

I'll soon update the website "My Photo albums" with the pics I took on Festival's (also known as "First European Cruises") Mistral, a little ship on which I've spent one day. If it interests some of you...

Also remember that a guestbook and a mailing list are available!!!

Thanks once again,

RCCLdesign webmaster

Hi Brandon

It's been a long time since this thread was opened!

... anyways to answer your question I unfortunately do not have such 3DS fiile. this picture is extracted frrom a brochure that was sent to me by the yards. Actually you can try to contact them directly but I don't think you'll get what you want. they sent me the brochure instead of plans I had asked.....