New York to Bahamas cruise in December? Will it be very cold on board?

Gong on a cruise from NY to Bahamas, etc and back to New York Nov 28-Dec 5.

Is it safe to say that I should bring winter clothign along with summer clothing?


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I've been over NYE, and for on-board comfort I only needed a sweater. Others, who are more cold bloodied may wear winter type clothing.


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The first and last days at sea will be chilly outside. I'd bring what you'd wear in the late fall or early spring, and prepare to have a sweater handy.


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I love about 20 minutes from the Manhattan cruise terminal and I'll tell ya....even in MAY it can be chilly on the deck/balcony sailing out! :bang: Definitely pack at least a sweatshirt with a hood. IMO a lined waterproof jacket would be your best bet in case of rain.


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mary (op) The "factor" is the wind. No matter when you sail out or about you are going to get some wind and in November/December here it is obviously going to be a COLD wind. Might even be "bitingly cold" lol. :( You DON'T want to miss your sail out and in to Manhattan. So pack some warm clothes to wear on deck/on your balcony. I'm sure they will keep the interior of the ship comfortable enough for you to wear summery clothes, but then again, I always think it is chilly in there too! :duh: BTW, Lady Liberty will be on the starboard side as you are sailing out. Get a good seat and don't miss sailing under the V/N Bridge either! :boogie:
For traveling out of and back to NY, it will be cold. In my experience, the last time I was in the Bahamas for Christmas it was high 70's and beautiful!!! Enjoy..