~Newbie here...Finding BEST price???~PLEASE help!!




I am new to this board and new to cruising, so ANY help is appreciated. Cruise-addicts was highly recommended to me to get some help.

My husband and I have decided on everything...the ship, the itenary, the dates, etc. We in in San ANtonio, so only want to leave out of Galveston...so we can drive.

My question is......now how do I find the BEST deal on the cruise we wan to take.

I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I'm not really sure how to search the back discussions (other than read them all). Is this the right forum /board to ask? Are there other sights that are specific to my question? I see that there is a "first cruisers" thread, but although I am a first time cruiser I need HELP from EXPERIENCED cruisers!!!!

I am not wanting anyone to do the price search for me, but to point me in the right direction of HOW to search?

THANKS sooooo much!!



Welcome to Cruise @ddicts, MBH!

A travel agent who specializes in cruises/cruise only bookings, is probably best. Many of the advertisers here would serve you well.



Welcome to Cruise @ddicts - you've come to the right place and the right Forum.

I second what Charles has advised, and be CAREFUL to read ALL the fine print. Some Agencies tack on service charges as well as further charges for cancellations; some agencies - to make fares appear lower - will not quote ALL the charges until the end - cruise fare, port charges, taxes, fees, fuel surcharges. Be sure you are comparing equal products. It's not as complicated as this seems, but there ARE many things that you need to verify, especially if you are price shopping. It also goes without saying that you need to check out the credentials of the Agency and Agent.


Make sure the final price quoted includes taxes and port fees so you know what price you are comparing.


Also you want to consider getting travel insurance. Believe me when something unexpected happens and you have to miss your cruise or loose luggage, the insurance is well worth it. I have cruised 4 times and one time I had to candle the morning of the cruise due to a death. My insurance paid 100% of the cruise cost. And what I have paid out in the insurance on all 5 that I have booked, has not added up to what I got back on the one I missed. So do look into getting trip insurance.

Oh ya, and welcome to the board and have a great time planning your cruise as well as cruising.