Newbie needing advice on circle cruises from Van to Van



Hi there,
We are a family of 4. None of us have ever been on a cruise before, but we would really like to. I live in Vancouver, BC. I am wondering if there are any experts out there who happen to know if there is such a thing as a circle cruise from Vancouver to either Hawaii or Mexico and back to Vancouver. It seems impossible to find on the internet....It just doen't seem to add up for us to cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii and then be dropped off in San Diego ( I have found this one a few times)...because, I've still got to pay for 4 flights to get home!
Thanks so much in advance!!! allisonj7


Hi AJ !!
First of all let me welcome you to the board. I'm just up the valley..... not quite beyond Hope. :)
There used to be several lines that did this but although I'm not sure I think most now do the one way that you describe. I'll check around with our sources and see if I can come up with anything for you. I assume that you want to hit somewhere warm rather than just go up and back to Alaska.

One thing I could suggest right off the hop is a good TA. Being your first cruise and everything there are more than a few things that a TA could help with. Someone who specializes in just cruises would likely know the answer to this right off away.


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I wish I could give you a hopeful answer, but I've checked as far out as 2010 and find nothing. Holland America used to offer that on the Volendam (I myself cruised from Seattle to Hawai'i and back to Vancouver - the cruise actually originated in Vancouver) but I no longer find that itinerary offered by any cruise line.


Thank you all for your kind help!! Beryl, I too found that cruise ( after posting my plead for help on this site). I have since called and it is $2,179 per person for a 17 day cruise. I have no idea if that is a fantastic price or whether I should hold out. It sounds pretty amazing though and I am very very seriously considering it....I once heard that you should never pay more than $100.00 per day on cruises otherwise you are being ripped off.....does anyone agree with that? My sincerely thanks to the 3 of you that gave your input. aj


That same cruise (inc. ship, date) is being offered by online brokers such as CruiseDirect for $1935