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newcomer questions

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by boatnewbie, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. wildvoodoo

    wildvoodoo Guest

    Hi! Can anyone tell me whether there is likely to be any "noise" problems if my cabin is on the Navigation Deck below the Lido Restaurant/Buffet? Thanks and regards!
  2. wildvoodoo

    wildvoodoo Guest

    Also, has anyone who has cruised on one of the Vista class ships stayed in one of the SS cabins? (superior verandah suite or minin-suite) Wondering what to expect...
  3. bep_sf

    bep_sf Guest


    Check out my review on this site for Oosterdam (2-22-04 cruise) to get a feel for an SS - We were on Navigation Deck (below the Lido Cafe) and didn't hear a single thing from above, below or either side unless we stepped out onto the verandah.

    I'd be perfectly thrilled to go in SS8086 again...



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  4. wildvoodoo

    wildvoodoo Guest


    Thanks so much for the reply -- I recall reading your review (which was excellent and very detailed by the way) and am glad to know that noise won't be a problem...We'll be in 8080, which would be quite close to your 8086. Of course the Alaska destination will change things a bit from your cruise but it sounded like you really enjoyed the Oosterdam...Any advice or suggestions?


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