NHL Cruise @ddict Hockey Pool...... .OK lets do it.


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We are in it to win it! Bread posted she was trying to decide between Pittsburgh and Chicago, then ultimately chose Chicago. I chose Chicago. . . . . .The best results for us would be for the finals to be between Pittsburgh and Chicago.

Lisa I was cheering for Boston up to now. . . . . :( I just have to go with Pittsburgh. Well . . . . until they meet Chicago!


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Re: NHL Cruise @ddict Hockey Pool...... ROUND THREE

So here we go. Round THREE

No wonder they call the Stanley Cup the hardest trophy to win in sports. I'm exhausted just keeping up and I wenton a cruise in the middle of all of this. lol

@ddicts remaining.


TOBYN & CHRISTOPHER have the BlackHawks with the LA Kings and nobody on the other side.

LURLINE has Boston going against GRAM and EINSTEIN and the Penguins on the other

That western series should be a good one now that the Hawks have figured out they have to play hockey to advance, rather than rest on their run away short season.

It’s a toss up.

In the East I think that if they allow penalties to be called Pittsburgh should have little difficulty over Boston.

SO we will have a finalist in the cup for sure out of the East series and maybe two if LURLINE gets reffing Boston’s way which is more likely to happen I think.

We will have no ties for the awarding of the MAJOR prize this year. But we may have to have a draw to award it to one of the pairs if they should go through.

"E" must be proud s punch by finally being the household member to go deep in the pool :biggrin: But no one keeps track of those things do we !!

Pretty sure GRAM has been there before not sure about the others ?




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FINALS and We have @ddicts on both sides...

Now since this was a short season and we didn't have anyone eliminated as we usually do when the regular season ends we all had better odds to make it to the finals. I think over time we have maybe had one year when we actually had the final have @ddicts on both sides and this year we have two on the West. So game on Wednesday in Chicago at home with the advantage of home ice.

BOSTON Bruins and LURLINE vs. TOBYN and CHRISTOPHER with the Black Hawks

I'm going to pull for Chicago as being quicker and more skilled..rather than the Bruins who play a little more whack and smack but not as fast. Will see..a lot will depend on the reffing once again I think.

It's the first time these teams have ever met in the Finals. They last played in the semis in '78 and have only met 7 times in the whole history of the league and these guys are original six teams. Pretty amazing actually. It should be a great series.

get'r on.....

Kudo's to E, and Gram makin' the semi's

Honorable mention goes to earl and bOB for not even making the first round and they both knew what teams were in it.



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Hi ya!! Just checking in, wasn't sure if the hockey was over with or not, I see it is not. So good luck to the finalists!! :doubleup:


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Hi ya!! Just checking in, wasn't sure if the hockey was over with or not, I see it is not. So good luck to the finalists!! :doubleup:
Hockey's never really over, Corky! There's just a 3-month "third intermission" when they resurface the ice...
I'm just glad my half-pint hockey player's season is over--those 6AM games were killing me!



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Game one into OT .. and the Hawks with Tobyn and Christopher up one game over Lurline. GAme 2 not until Saturday. Series is going to go until SUMMER.. what's with that ? lol


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That was some game! I think I'll need until Saturday to make up for the late night on Wednesday. Game ended at 1:00 am on the east coast, and it was so thrilling that it was tough to fall asleep!


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Just a 10 PM finish here. I still remember staying up late when I was a kid growing up in the Eastern time zone. :(
Thought I'd died and gone to heaven when I arrived here in BC. Games started at 5 PM and then we all went OUT after it was finished around 8:30. Best of both worlds. :)
NOw they even start at 4 PM


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VERY exciting last minute-and-a-half! I was sure it was headed to OT. Great series, nice to see a couple of the Original in it 'till the end! Congrats to the 'Hawks--and Tobyn and Christopher.