NHL Stanley Cup Play Off pool... the Cruise @ddicts Pool 201ll


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Congrats Linda and Jim! As I stated before, my team was out long ago and I had no stake in the final outcome, but the officiating was HORRID! I believe Boston won in spite of the officials. After watching Tim Thomas through the last couple of series, I think he was hands down the best there was this year.

Again, congratulations to the Boston Bruins, and their fans. A well earned Stanley Cup.


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No question Tim was the star of the series, glad he got the recognition. I was wondering if the Bruins could overcome the mojo of the Rogers Centre, but they did--in spades! What I really don't understand is why the Canucks fans turned "NBA" and started with all the violence. Very UN-Canadian! What is this Detroit or Vancouver? Sheesh!
I am glad that Boston won--they put a lot of heart into the series--but really sad that the hockey season (and this fun thread) is over.
La saison est terminee. Merde!