Nieuw Amsterdam ship pictures

Krazy Kruizers

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Rotterdam Deck (7)

SA 7050

Both showers have the new dispensers for the shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Notice the middle one -- conditioner -- hasn't been used much thus the ingredients have separated

Krazy Kruizers

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Just some extra pictures from around the ship.

Commerative Coins

These are real flowers made to resemble coral

Yes -- this clock enclosed in a glass showcase actually works.



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Thank you, Yonnie. Fabulous photo tour of the ship.

Quite a difference between this ship and the 1938 Nieuw Amsterdam on which I sailed 58+ years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your patience in posting all these photos is much appreciated. :clap:

red stripe

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I never saw this post when you first made it, but Einstein has just sent the link to me.. as I have told him that I want to sail on her.

I have sailed on all of them except for the very first one built back in the very early 1900's So this would make three out of the four.

The first one I sailed on was the one
launched on 10 April 1937 by HRH Queen Wilhelmina .

My family did quite a few on her. I remember one of them in white or grey.

The next one was the one launched in 1983, and my mum loved her.

I have my precious leather HAL document case ready to go:biggrin: so now to get E to book it.

I wondered if you tried any or all of the specialty restaurants on her? and if so, how did you like them?

Did you use that spa/ thalassotherapy pool area? we booked it on the Westerdam cruise, and it was wonderful.

Krazy Kruizers

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Hi Red

We ate at the Tamarind quite a few times -- we love that place.

We only ate at the Pinnacle for dinner a couple of times -- we were not impressed with the woman manager -- since we always book SA cabins we can have breakfast there and she constantly seated us by the kitchen doors even though we kept telling her we did not like sitting there -- there are a lot of tables for 2 -- it took 4 days to get that straightened out for breakfast -- dinner -- first time there she sat us by the kitchen doors -- and she knew we didn't like that table -- so we went back for dinner one other time -- the evening for Le Cirque.

We did not do the Canaletto -- just never got around to it.

I am not a spa person - so never book them.

I wish she would do 10 day itineraries -- we would book her again in a heart beat.



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Thanx KK for the Gr8 ship overview. Looking forward to our time onboard later this year. Had a choice of ships for our time frame but red requested the Nieuw Amsterdam as she has sailed on all the other HAL remakes. With this sailing it will allow her the mention of sailing on BOTH the OLD and NEW of this HAL ship as well. Per your post on the Le Cirque dining experience she has already booked us for that experience as well. :boogie: Thanx Again for the Info!!! :doubleup: