nightmare on dawn princess



[quote navymom]Unfortunately, not all passengers are bonded and insured LOL[/quote]

Well, if you take a cruise with that level of class, you get what you get!!! LOL
And why would anyone want to pay ATM fees? Not me. I come prepared!!
Worse case scenario, if I run out of cash, I "charge" the cash to my on board account in the casino and leave.


I don't think anyone is suggesting that you not take some cash when you travel. The OP says they had $2000 stolen. All the posts here suggest that a person might want to limit the cash that they carry and make other options available to themselves to replenish their cash as necessary....either traveler's checks or ATM machines. The other suggestion was to keep valuables in the safe provided!!! If you don't trust the safe take your valuables to the Purser's Desk where they will put them in their safety deposit box for you....or better yet don't travel with something that would cause you a huge amount of stress should it be lost or stolen (like Grandma's antique jewelery.)

As to the class of people we sail with....well, even the classiest looking person might not be what you expect and the person who looks like a thug might be the kindest and most honest person in the world. I have no way of knowing what "class" the people in the cabin next door to me might fit into and certainly the amount of money in their pocket will not reflect their behaviour!! I just think we should all use common sense all of the time....when we remember :grin !