No Gift From Travel Agent!!



5 cruises - 1 bottle of wine. Last cruise was for 30th anniversary and it was a 15 day cruise. I'd rather get a good price as well, but was kind of surprised about no gift for the anniversary and longer cruise length. It was the 2nd cruise booked with the same agent. Que sera, sera.


Helen, who is your travel agent? In the beginning, when we dealt face to face with a local travel agent we received (in our cabin) a bottle of wine. When I started booking over the internet that ended.


I do all my own research and then call the internet agent that I've used for three cruises so far. She meets or beats any price I give her (if verified) and has sent the bottles of champagne with ship's logo gilded in. First to 16 couples in my group for a TWO-night cruise on Carnival's Victory, then on subsequent 7-nighters to two couples. She is great and actually I don't know how she works on such low rates AND delivers the booze.

All of the agents I had prior to her sent gifts to the cabin or booze to the table, but now I look back and realize I didn't pay the lowest rate available (I was inexperienced and that was before the internet). God Bless the Internet for cruise savings!!



Which internet company and agent do you use? does not send anything yet can usually give me a good price... was cheaper.. I booked this cruise directly with Carnival but would like to have another option. I have bought my own gifts these last cruises I booked myself...


By the way the gift basket is a great idea and you can give so much more for the money - the wine can cost between $25 and 30 a bottle... Or more of course but not usually as gift.. :) Debbie


I am a travel agent that specializes in budget vacations and cruises. I will never get rich the way I book, as the commissions are much smaller than what I could get if I just booked the easiest most expensive way, but people come back to me again and again, so in the long run I'm a winner. Just because I book the best price that is possible, it is only right that I thank them for giving me their business, they deserve that.