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You are at the mercy of the cruise line, they can change anything & everthing they want & there is NOTHING you can do about it. If I did months of research on Cozumel & ended up in Aruba I would be veryyyyyy MAD! Yes, had a very nice cruise w/Princess but I paid BIG for it (& still missed 1 stop, sure they gave us 25 bucks woopee). The Sensation, food was bad! Pools empty 2 1/2 days of the 5 days. The ROCKING, omg the worst. I say fly to Cancun & chill :) If you don't drink or gamble cruising can be boring. CRUISING IS NOT FOR EVERYONE


no, cruising is NOT for everyone. But to cruise a person should stay flexible. But what was going on on the Sensation is not the way cruising is.
Cruiselines can and do change your port of calls all the time when weather or necessity needs it to be.
ALWAYS have a back up plan.

On the liberty we were supposed to go to Cozumel but it got changed to Costa Maya a few months before we left. So i leanred what to do in Costa Maya but then I was reading about misisng that port for one reason or another and the ship was being diverted to Monego Bay. So i studied what to do there-- Guess what-- we went to Ocho Rios.

Was I pi$$ed?? Hell no coz I can tell you that getting that disgruntled can and will ruin the rest of the weeks vacation.

PS-- neither my man nor I drink or gamble. Our combined sign and sail bill is always under 200.00 with the majority of it paying tips. I have never been bored on any cruise that I have taken.


Id think id rather miss one port than spend an entire week where its raining... Just my 2 cents though

True cruisers know what im talking about


It sounds like cruising is not for you and you are right cruising is not for everyone.......but it is definitely for me and my DH. Last year when we sailed the Glory we were supposed to go to the Eastern Carribbean because the year before we had gone to the Western. Well a few days before our cruise because of the hurricans they cancelled the Eastern. Were we pi$$ed? Heck no..........It was for our safety and no matter where we are we make the best of it and have a great time. It worked out well as they took us into different areas of the ports also, because of the two hurricanes back to back we had to stay out three more days as it was too dangerous and all the Florida ports were closed. Carnival acted in our best interest . We had a blast..........but we always go with the flow and don't sweat the small stuff.


Cruising is definately for me. The cruiselines don't normaly cancel ports of call... but, it too had happened to me on a rare occassion. Its usuasly due to severe weather or waves (tendering) or in the extreme case of a mechanical problem. We ended up missing the entire Western Caribbean and repeating the E. Carib with an added stop in Puerto Rico because of a Hurricane. We cruised in Oct so we knew the risks and knew we didn't want to be near a hurricane or be where everything was damaged.

Some of the older ships rock and roll, vibrate or just plain are not as nice as the newests and sometimes bigger megaships. This is why I'm a new ship fan.. probably because my first cruises was in1989, then again in 1996.. and ofcourse this year. So during this time period I've seen a huge difference in the ships.. and how much better the newer ships can be and are.

I've never seen the pools drained unless it was due to very bad rocking and the water was coming out? Sometimes someone breaks a glass and they drain the pool... but, having an empty pool is NOT normal on a cruise.

Landside trips are pretty boring to me actually. One thing that urks me the most is the nickel and diming you have to deal with. It really is expensive. Lets take a look at a basic day on land.

1. Hotel stay at fancy resort hotel in Orlando. $250+ per night.
2. Breakfast buffet $10 - $20pp
3. Coffee in room $5
4. Drinks at pool - $6 each
5. Lunch $10-20pp
6. Snacks $10pp
7. Dinner at fancy hotel restraunt or other Orlando restraunt. $15-50+pp
8. Entertainment? Get your wallet out because it costs allot.


you all just love talking down to people........... people wise up........ this is what you get on the 'high $" cruises......... my puter locked up, posted my reply on the wrong topic, go ahead, sure it gives you something to laugh about. Posting your 15 cruises doesn't make you better than others. Maybe I should list all my land vacations.... same people that have been on this site for yrs, same ole bull.


My first cruise was last year, got caught in a hurricane and did not stop anywhere. Spent 200.00 on the ship but made the time I had there fun. Will I go on another Carnival cruise after I use my 50 % off voucher, highly doubt it. Will I still cruise~yes!


CherieS, you are right. cruising isn't for you. Sounds like you rather sit by a pool all day, but hey--- that's ok too. Differnet strokes for different folks.
If you travel very much at all, you are going to find that there are problems that come up from time to time. It isn't how loud we yell that makes a seasoned traveler-- it's knowing how to deal with and settle the little annoyances when they do pop up that makes us a well traveled person.
Anyone can take a trip. To travel well is a little different.

When you get to Cancun, have a margarita for me.


You know, the point I am trying to make........... you all love cruises, I am trying to tell people it is not for everyone. You all say go it will be awesome, for some it is NOT. Yet, If someone says it sucks, you all jump all over our azzes like we are fools. We rented a pontoon boat at Panama City beach once, had bay to ourselves, went skinny dipping, made love on the boat in the sun, sunned naked on my private boat, can you say that on a cruise? I am just trying to say everyone is NOT like you all, You need to stop making it sound it like it is the best thing since peanut butter. Sure I really enjoyed my cruise with Princess, I got to see some beautiful spots of Mexico but.......cruising is not for everyone. Thebonvoyage party on the Sensation,,, was there one? If there was I missed it & believe me, I was standing on the deck w/a foofoo ready for one........The one on Grand Princess, omg was awesome!!! Carnival needs to reconsider ALOT on their smaller boats!!!!!!!!!!


Hey CherieS :)

You know, cruising is DEFINATELY not for everyone, you are absolutely right! "If you don't drink or gamble, cruising can be boring" --. We definately don't gamble, and while we do like wine with dinner or our cabin we are not out there partying all hours. Many many people would like to "fly to Cancun and Chill"....but alot of us that hang out on these boards would go absolutely crazy vacationing in one place. Do you see what I mean? There are those of us that love to cruise, no matter what ship, no matter what port, no matter how rough the bet :) There are those of us who like only the mega ships and those that like the small ones (this would be me! Give me a little ship like the Sensation over a monster ship anyday!) We are even thinking Windjammer next time. Thing is, you realize now that cruising is not what you thing is, and now you can look foward to more pontoon trips.


Crusing is sure for me. I don't gamble but find plenty of stuff to do. We research our ports but its no big deal if we miss one. Just catch it on the next cruise and either enjoy a sea day or another port. It's sure better than being at work.'


Hey Brian, maybe to tell 1st time cruisers, its not for everyone, it may not be paradise to them. Yes, there was more 'your space' on the Sensation, not as busy as the Grand was. I have been on enough vacations to know chit happens. Just trying to tell people if they don't like feeling 'trapped', it may not be for them


My wife and I have not missed a port yet. But, we booked what we thought was a trip going to Belize, costa Rica and Panama on the Spirit in 2003. We found out when we made the last payment the TA had booked us on St Martin, Barbados and Martinque instead. Did we get mad? Hell no we went had a great time, and have been to Panama twice since than. You have to be able to adjust.


Yes, you do have to adjust. I think I know this. Just don't stop me in Aruba! What I was saying, I do so much research on the 'stops', I would be lost on what to do. To do what the cruise lines suggest? Sure, they make money & not everyone enjoys the same activities. Oh hell, just get me off that ship for a few hours & put me on a beach, just not Aruba


[quote CherieS]Hey Brian, maybe to tell 1st time cruisers, its not for everyone, it may not be paradise to them. Yes, there was more 'your space' on the Sensation, not as busy as the Grand was. I have been on enough vacations to know chit happens. Just trying to tell people if they don't like feeling 'trapped', it may not be for them[/quote]

If you are trying to make a point, you might find you have more success if you write a little more professionally. Read some professionally written reviews. Compare the professional reviews to the review you have written. Which do you believe comes across as more credible?

Take a look at the writing style you have chosen and the writing style of someone who makes a living selling their opinions to others. People looking to sell their opinions to others use a more professional style of writing for a reason.

Of course cruising is not for everyone. Other than breathing I don't know of any activity that is. Comparing the Grand Princess to the Carnival Sensation is almost like comparing apples to oranges. The Grand Princess is half the age and more than 50% larger than the Sensation. The Sensation only does the short itineraries while the Grand Princess is doing one week cruises. That alone will mean a different atmosphere. In addition, Princess tends to attract a more mature and less active crowd than Carnival does. There are people who have tried both cruise lines and prefer one over the other. That does not make either cruise line better or worse than the other. It just means for that person or family one cruise line is more to their liking than the other. As I am sure you know, both Princess and Carnival are owned by the same corporation.

What is the purpose of all of your posts? To warn people that cruising is not for everyone? Then your post is only for the people who have never taken a cruise. Why? Because once someone takes a cruise, they will form their own opinion, and will not care what anyone else says. So, a person, having never been on a cruise, is doing research. They come to this forum. They start to read your post. Do you believe that your writing style is going to connect with someone as I have just described? Do you think that if you changed your writing style, you might come off as more credible?

It is your post and your are free to write whatever you want (within the guidelines of the forum as stated by the forum administrators). However, people will judge you based on what you say and how you say it. These are people who have never met you and have no other way of judging you other than by what and how you write. I realize you don't care what others think of you. However, does this "others" include the novice cruisers who you are trying to "warn"? Do you really believe that your writing style is going to connect with someone who has enough disposable income to afford to take a cruise?

I realize I have asked a lot of questions and I have not provided any answers. The reason is that only you can answer the questions I have asked. My suggestion is that you take a step back, take a good critical look at what you have written and how you have written it, and decide for yourself. On this issue I speak from experience, as I had to do this after someone really got my temper up over with a particular post. I realized I was not doing a very good job of making my point. The next time someone posted something similar I tried a different approach, and it worked.

Now I am not saying you have to change. I am only suggesting that you take a step back, look critically at your writing, and then decide how you want to proceed in the future.


Extremely well said, cruizer. Hot tempered posts are really uncomfortable to read and don't offer a lot of credibility in terms of the accuracy of their content.

BTW -- I just got back from a 7 day land vacation in Aruba and I am here to say that I LOVED it. If my next cruise substitutes Aruba for ANY other port of call, I'll be turning cartwheels.

Mr. Utley

OK, now we ARE talking down to you :grin but do you really expect people who regularly post on a cruise board to agree that cruising sucks? I remember when my journalist friend, Mukk Rakir, came on this board soliciting horror stories for an article he was too lazy to research for himself. He, too, was shocked that all he got were testimonials to cruising. If you are looking for empathy, log on to =sinking